Office 365

The power of a decade

Holster your smartphones, tablets and PCs, we’re going on a journey to the past–don’t worry we’ll get you back to 2014 in no time. A lot can change in over a decade. If you take a retroactive look at your past self, you most likely had different tastes, preferences, interests, and views than you do today. Not surprisingly, a lot has changed in the world over the past decade as…

Why Microsoft

How IT Pros can use Office 365 to create winning solutions

Every team, whether in sports or business, has its most valuable players (MVPs), the people whose skills and leadership enable other team members to achieve high-level performance. Many organizations count IT Pros among their leading MVPs—and with good reason. IT Pros select the online services, software and devices that other employees depend on to do their best work, and also provide the support needed to keep those tools running smoothly…


Scan everything with Doxie and OneNote

Paul Scandariato from Doxie brand mobile scanners. Doxie is designed to make scanning paper and going paperless easy for everyone, so that’s why we’re so thrilled to have partnered with Microsoft to seamlessly integrate Doxie with OneNote, allowing you to bridge the gap between between the physical world – all your paper – and your digital notes in OneNote. Doxie makes award-winning portable scanners for going paperless anywhere. Unlike the…


Weave + OneNote: better together

Ever read a great article and wish you could save a copy for later? Weave is an exciting news app that lets you do just that. Weave is a news aggregator – a fancy way of saying an app that pulls news from a variety of sources, websites, blogs, and anywhere else that exposes their news via a technology called RSS. The app has been lauded for quite a while…