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Office 365 ProPlus—IT Control and Management update

A key benefit of Office 365 ProPlus is the reduced burden around upgrades associated with traditional software deployment. The result is that Office upgrades are fast and it’s always up to date, just like you expect from a cloud service. Today, we’ll discuss the IT Control and Management capabilities specifically around deployment and upgrade management for enterprise environments.


Yammer and Featured Partner Mindflash Deliver the Best Online Training for Employees

With more mobile, globalized workforces, today’s companies have been using online technologies to onboard and train their employees. Mindflash is the leading online training platform for experts and trainers to easily share information and test knowledge and skills. Courses are created using the file types that businesses already use (PowerPoint, PDF, Word, video, audio). Trainers…


Realizing Measurable Value with Your Yammer Network

Joe Stumpf at Microsoft Office 365 Customer Success is the co-author. Realizing measurable business value from technology requires considerably more than simply deploying a piece of software, a system or even a platform: it requires a commitment to driving adoption of these capabilities throughout your organization. IT departments around the world have been dancing around…


Take Your Team to the Next Level with Yammer on Mobile Devices

In recent years, we’ve all experienced the unprecedented migration of life and work to mobile devices. We’ve also seen fast-moving, innovative teams increasingly harness the immense power of ‘open collaboration’ to achieve more with Yammer – especially on the go. That’s why we’ve been focused on delivering weekly enhancements to the Yammer mobile apps for…