Present a Word document online

You want to meet real time to write or refine a Word document but often times the people you need to meet with cannot be at the same place at the same time. With the growing usage of messaging and audio/video conferencing software, people are collaborating from multiple locations. Whether you’re a student who needs to finish a class project with your peers, a small business owner who wants to…


Changing your style in the new Word

There are lots of reasons to spend time styling your document – you may be trying to follow a publishing requirement, to make your document stand out, or just make it easier to read. In Word 2013, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to quickly change the look of your entire document until you have it just right.  While the styles gallery has been available on the Word…


Four how-to’s on finding stuff in your inbox

A stream of messages most likely flows into your inbox from co-workers and friends, and from all those enewsletters and notifications you signed up for. You need a quick way to track down specific messages without having to wade through all of them.  To help you cut through the clutter, we’ve compiled four tutorials that show you some ways search in Outlook.


Lights.. Camera.. Action! Adding videos to your Word documents

Videos are a great way to engage a reader, tell a story, invoke emotion, and communicate effectively. They are found all over the web (news articles, blogs, websites, etc.) and are a great way to enhance documents you send digitally. In the new Word, we added the ability to insert web video directly into your documents, allowing you to create rich, interactive output that pairs your words with video whenever…


Updating layout in Word 2013 while maintaining compatibility

Since the Office Customer Preview was announced a few weeks ago, we’ve talked quite bit about the vision for the product and the new features that you’ll be able to take advantage of when you try it out.  One area that we invested heavily in this release, but has remained under the radar, is our work on the layout engine that Word uses.  When I say “layout”, I’m referring to…

Office Online

Bringing touch editing to Office Web Apps on Windows 8 and iOS tablets

The Office Web Apps continue to provide access to your documents anywhere in a variety of popular browsers. Today, we are excited to introduce you to viewing and editing documents in the Office Web Apps on tablets using “Touch”. In this blog post, Program Manage Renu Devi, describes the “touch” experience; the design framework that guided development of making the Office Web Apps touchable and responsive to touch; and the…


Getting hands-on with Word 2013

These days there is a lot of excitement about touch computing. In the past we have had some limited touch support in Word, but this time we went deeper and made some touch specific improvements to make Word shine on Windows 8.  Word is a powerful application that has spent the last few decades being fine-tuned for mouse and keyboard interaction. This release, our goal was to enable the scenarios…


Unlock PDFs with Word 2013

We’ve all received PDF files with content that we wanted to reuse. This means that most of us have been disappointed by the difficulty of getting good content out of a PDF. For example, if you try to copy and paste table rows from a PDF viewer into Word, you frequently end up with a collapsed single line of text.  Most existing PDF viewers, in essence, limit people who use…