Reading in the new Office

Tristan Davis, Senior Program Manager Lead, Word Nearly two-thirds of user sessions in Word contain no editing at all – the only things that happen once the document is opened are scrolling and zooming changes as the user reads and processes the content. The Word engineering team wanted to focus on creating a refreshed, modern reading experience for the new Word; one that optimized for the times when the user is…


Email stuck in your outbox? Try this.

“What do you mean you didn’t receive it? I sent it last night!” At least you thought you did. Now you’re red-faced in a meeting set up to review the PowerPoint presentation that never made it to your recipients.  You check your Outbox and there it is. If you ever find yourself in this situation, here are some reasons why and some steps you can take.


Can’t find that email message? These three tips can help.

(This post was first published in 2010.  It’s obvious from the number of hits this page gets that people’s inboxes are still overflowing. We thought we’d share it again to help you out.) Hi, I am Roby Kurian, Product Manager for Outlook. How often do you ask yourself, “Where’s that message?” Whether you are a filer (you keep messages carefully organized in folders) or a piler (you keep all of your…


Grouping emails by conversations

Have you ever had to find an email that was part of a long thread–an email with lots of replies about the same topic? For example, your boss might have asked for the results of last month’s important meeting, and you know Sherry sent an email outlining them, but then you remember that Todd followed hers with more information. If you group your emails into conversations, you can find the…


Webinar: Mail Merge

This week’s webinar is a bit of cooking class. The dish? Fresh Mail Merge. This is a process, not just a few clicks. We’ll show you some free tools at that we’ll show you, including a cookbook (of sorts). Go to for more information on how to join the series. What you will learn at Tuesday’s webinar: You need good data for good mail merge Our cookbook: Mail Merge…


Quick Rule Creation in Outlook 2010

If you are a heavy email user like me, chances are good that you subscribe to a lot of mailing lists. Unsolicited spam is one issue we battle in our inboxes, but perhaps more perplexing is the amount of email messages that we call “graymail.” Graymail consists of all those newsletters and notifications that can be useful, but aren’t necessarily what you you want at the top of your Inbox. The…