Free 2013 calendar templates

Happy New Year! Our free calendar templates are now available. Whether you like to plan out your days, keep track of special occasions, or see a year’s worth of holidays at a glance (spoiler: July 4th is a Thursday), we’ve got you covered. Customize your home calendar by swapping in your favorite photos or pick a business calendar for the office. We also had fun creating calendars for students and…


Your top 10 favorite Outlook posts of 2012

Email is all about communicating with people–whether you’re sharing a photo, or scheduling a meeting or phone call. Some of last year’s most popular posts about the new Outlook show you how it’s been designed to put people first. When too many people communicate with you about too many things, your inbox can feel overwhelmed. Most of the popular posts about the current version offer simple ways that Outlook helps…


Your top 10 favorite PowerPoint posts of 2012

In 2012, you were doing more than adding data to slides—you really put PowerPoint to work to create visual representations of your hard work, bright ideas, and personal style. Charts, themes, animations, color-matching, and tips for presenters were just some of your favorite topics for polishing your PowerPoint presentations. Check out the year in review with the top posts.

Office 365

Support for international users and multiple languages in the new Office

We have made major new investments in the new Office to support international users who work in languages other than English.  Three new languages have been fully localized for the first time and Language Interface Packs added in 13 more.  The range of languages supported in Office 365 and in Office Mobile has also been greatly extended. For the many international users who need to consume or create content in…


PowerPoint 2013: Shining a spotlight on video and audio

You want to say something, but your bullet points and graphics aren’t quite cutting it? Sometimes the best way to make your point is with video or audio clips. PowerPoint 2013 has a bunch of improvements that make video and audio easier to include in your presentation. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how we’ve brought multimedia to the PowerPoint Web App, as well as how we’ve made multimedia better…


Outlook Weather Bar: Is it raining cats and dogs?

If you’re running Outlook Customer Preview, you may have noticed the Outlook Weather Bar that sits on the top of your calendar. We’ve heard from you that it’s helpful to see the weather daily as you plan your day, so we’ve added it to the calendar. Below are some of the ways you can use the Weather Bar. Having lived in Boston previously, I know that sunny skies outside the…