Rewire How Information is Shared and Consumed in Your Organization with Yammer Groups

Our various interests, responsibilities and lifestyle choice determine the ways we choose to divide our time, efforts and activities. These natural divisions help us share portions of our lives with the right set of people, and in turn consume portions of their lives. Similarly, our activities and conversations at work are also divided into distinct…


OneNote on SharePoint: A quick guide for site admins

Hosting your organization’s OneNote notebooks in a SharePoint document library offers the advantages of organizing them in one location, and the flexibility to decide who can access them through setting permissions. The job of creating a library and configuring permissions usually falls on the shoulders of the SharePoint site administrator. This post shows you how to perform both tasks.


Reading in the new Office

Tristan Davis, Senior Program Manager Lead, Word Nearly two-thirds of user sessions in Word contain no editing at all – the only things that happen once the document is opened are scrolling and zooming changes as the user reads and processes the content. The Word engineering team wanted to focus on creating a refreshed, modern reading experience for the new Word; one that optimized for the times when the user is…


Office Business Intelligence – The way people experience data

This post is brought to you by Steve Tullis Group Program Manager of the Office Business Intelligence team. This is the third introductory post from the Excel family – Office BI. If you have not read Jane’s post about the Excel client, or Dan’s post about the browser-based versions of Excel, I encourage you to do so, as they are great overviews and provide foundational information about how we decided…


Project Online: In the cloud with Office 365!

Is it challenging to get an up-to-date view of all the projects in your team? Do you want to make sure everyone is focused on the right priorities? Do you manage a large portfolio of projects and want to roll out a structured governance process? Are you a Project Manager who always wants to use the latest version of Project Professional? As announced on Monday (The New Microsoft Project), Project…