Project Management – a Circus or a Symphony?

This post was co-created by Bryony Cole and Matt Partovi. The art of Project Management relies on coordinating people, tasks, strategies, deadlines… In our minds this process is a delicate dance, seamlessly bringing together different parties at critical points to make an organization’s goals a reality. As managers, we see ourselves as masterful conductors, rhythmically influencing…


Introducing Outlook.com – Modern Email for the Next Billion Mailboxes

We think the time is right to reimagine personal email. So today, we’re introducing a preview of Outlook.com – modern email for the next billion mailboxes. We realized that we needed to take a bold step, break from the past and build you a brand new service from the ground up. You already know Outlook via the Outlook desktop application-for PCs and Macs-as the world’s most popular application for reading…


Recommended Reading

We’re wrapping up another outstanding week of the Office Preview release. We are getting a lot of great feedback, and hope to get much more. Please continue to help us by sending us your smiles and frowns, and forums feedback on Microsoft Answers, TechNet and MSDN coming. This week many teams across the division have begun blogging about their specific investments. There is a ton of great information out there…


Rewire How Information is Shared and Consumed in Your Organization with Yammer Groups

Our various interests, responsibilities and lifestyle choice determine the ways we choose to divide our time, efforts and activities. These natural divisions help us share portions of our lives with the right set of people, and in turn consume portions of their lives. Similarly, our activities and conversations at work are also divided into distinct…


OneNote on SharePoint: A quick guide for site admins

Hosting your organization’s OneNote notebooks in a SharePoint document library offers the advantages of organizing them in one location, and the flexibility to decide who can access them through setting permissions. The job of creating a library and configuring permissions usually falls on the shoulders of the SharePoint site administrator. This post shows you how to perform both tasks.