United Airlines reduces web content administration from months to hours with enterprise solution

Based in Chicago, Illinois, United is one of the largest airlines in the world. To improve enterprise content management (ECM), United wanted to build communities around the products and services it delivers to customers. The airline deployed SharePoint Server 2013 for a variety of projects-including a service catalog that 87,000 employees rely on to search for and order products from the IT department. By using SharePoint Server 2013, United has…


Garage Series: Office automation meets high-G aerobatics

This episode marks the first in a three part series, as hosts Jeremy Chapman and Yoni Kirsh go deeper on automating the new Office for your organization. Watch as they reveal the second XStream install of the season, as host and pilot Yoni attempts an Office 365 ProPlus install, with no Internet access, while performing outrageously high-G aerobatics.


Designing And Developing Communities of Practice As A Competitive Advantage

A few weeks ago, I gave a talk at the Microsoft Community Summit about communities of practice — their business value, how they are different from other internal and external communities, and strategies for success in starting them up and growing them in a sustainable way. I invite you to view the presentation embedded below;…


How To Get Your Executives To Participate On Yammer

You have 15 minutes of your Senior Manager’s time. Your goal: encourage his/her participation on Yammer. What are the three items you would focus on?  Sounds like an awesome challenge, doesn’t it? This was exactly the challenge that one of our customers Ernst Décsey, Intranet Manager from UNICEF posed in the YCN, Yammer Champion Community. His…

Office 365

Running a small business without an IT team

Small businesses have enough to focus on without having to spend time and energy worrying about email, data storage or backup servers. In fact, most small businesses don’t know or understand what a server is. The good news is that in today’s technology environment, they don’t need to. This is because more small businesses are rapidly moving from outdated technology solutions to Web-based solutions to power their company, also known…

Office 365

Maintain a professional image: 5 tips for a small business

  In order to be taken seriously, small businesses need to convince customers of their professional ability and their value. Small businesses can punch above their weight by taking the time to go to market with a professional set of business documents, templates and content to ensure customers aren’t dismissing them before they have a chance to pitch the value of their product or service.  But how can small businesses…

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5 tips for running a small business from anywhere

The concept of a ‘physical office’ as a small business hub of productivity is quickly being replaced by the connected ‘mobile office,’ which connects employees wherever they happen to be. Today’s business landscape favors those who are nimble and able to adapt rapidly by collaborating on the go, sharing ideas quickly and anticipating customer needs. Luckily, small businesses today can achieve this dynamic work environment through the use of Web-based…

Office 365

Businesses worldwide are choosing Office 365 for capabilities they need in a cloud service they can trust

The retail industry is using technology more than ever to stay competitive while better serving the needs of their customers.  In January we shared how large companies  like Tesco and Helly Hansen have joined other notable brands such as, ‘wichcraft, BCBG, and Sephora who are moving to Office 365 for security-enhanced access to the familiar productivity tools they rely on at all levels of their business. Office 365 has become…


Extend your networking reach with social apps for Office

Social apps can make working with Office 2013 more engaging, efficient, and fun. They combine the networking and outreach capabilities of social media sites with the mobile productivity power of Office.  Together, Office and social apps give you more insight into your contacts, allow you to monitor your social channels without using a browser, and can spice up your SharePoint sites in ways that you’ll “like” (thumbs up). Read on to…

Office Online
Image from webinar

Webinar: Getting things done with Office Online

You can access and share Office documents with browser-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Learn some of the basics and the latest features of these free tools. Note: Office Online was formerly known as Office Web Apps. There is an updated webinar about Office Online at Can’t see this video? It’s also available at Microsoft Showcase? Need a sneak peek? Here’s a 30-second trailer. What you will…