The Garage Series for Office 365: Stop that smoking gun! The latest in eDiscovery and data loss prevention

Episode 3 out of a 6 part special filmed in New Orleans, our intrepid host Jeremy Chapman is joined by Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange experts Mark Kashman and Bharat Suneja to share an overview the very latest in integrated Enterprise Search, eDiscovery and Data Loss Prevention to harden your data protection. See how these technologies work across both Office 365 Cloud implementations and your on-premises Office stack to help…


The Evolving Enterprise: Thoughts from E2

I recently traveled to Boston for the E2 Conference. This year’s event focused on how the enterprise technology landscape is changing, and how the influx of social, mobile, cloud, big data, and new software architectures are allowing organizations to move quicker and reach new customers faster than ever. I had an opportunity to speak about these trends on-stage…


Check out the new OneNote for iPad, iPhone and Android

Today we’ve released a major update to OneNote for iPhone, iPad and Android. These apps are based on an almost entirely new code base that delivers a full-powered OneNote experience across each device with more reliable sync that “just works.”  Our re-engineering investment also enables us to continue making improvements more quickly moving forward.  Read on to learn more about the new capabilities and why we think you’ll love them.


Data Science and Marketing: The New Wave of Scientific Marketing

Data science has transformed the meaning of marketing at Yammer. Through data scientific measuring and testing, Yammer’s team of data analysts and marketers work together to grow a product that is based on actual user value and engagement. By creating and enhancing features that are specific to the user experience, Yammer has the ability of…