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Sensia Hälsovård AB chooses Office 365 over Google Apps, cuts travel costs by 30 percent

Healthcare provider Sensia Hälsovård AB needed a single communication and collaboration platform to accommodate its rapid growth. About 30 percent of its employees had been using Google Gmail, but found it cumbersome and unintuitive. The company eventually chose Microsoft Office 365. We recently spoke to Anders Franzén, IT Strategist, at Sensia Hälsovård AB to learn why.

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Webinar on the OneDrive desktop app

OneDrive is not just for your web browser. You also can download a handy desktop app that syncs your OneDrive files to your PC or Mac. With the app, files you store in OneDrive will automatically download to your computer, and those same files will sync to OneDrive when you update them on your desktop. Note: OneDrive is the new name for SkyDrive. Can’t see this video? It’s also available…


Global Collaboration Made Easy with Message Translation

This week saw the launch of a new feature for paid networks that we’re very excited about: Message Translation. Thanks to the power of Microsoft Translator, translating Yammer conversations into your native language is now possible with the click of a button. When a coworker posts a message in a language other than your own,…


Use event-click parsing to increase e-commerce site revenue

Your e-commerce site can increase revenue opportunities, and understanding what user behavior led to a purchase can help retain repeat customers and gain new ones. In this post, we explore how you can connect SharePoint with Hadoop and map-reduce analysis in the background to create a web browsing experience that is personalized to the end user’s intent and past behavior, thus increasing the success of a sale on your e-commerce…


The Open & Connected Workplace: Building Yammer to be Open

[embed width="500"][/embed] As we mentioned in our posts over the last few weeks, Yammer’s mission is to transform the way people work by helping companies be more open and employees more connected. But let’s talk about work for a second. “Work” can be broken down into three activities: collecting information, making decisions, and taking action. Everything…

Office 365

Telefonica calls on Office 365 and Yammer to power global workforce collaboration

Telefónica is a leading provider of integrated communications with more than 130,000 employees in 24 countries across Europe and Latin America. Given the broad, global employee base, the company sought to empower staff to stay connected and work together while on the same platform and with leading productivity tools. To achieve this goal, Telefonica will deploy Office 365 alongside Yammer to harness the full power of their workforce and enable new ways…


Club 35: Serving the people of Belgium better with Yammer

This post was contributed and authored by Elke Wambacq and Thomas De Spiegelaere. Elke Wambacq works for Kind en Gezin (Child and Family) as an HR consultant and teamleader. She is mostly occupied with change management and different projects in HR. Elke is also the project leader at the Flemish government for HR innovation. Thomas is the Head…


New server release: Spreadsheet controls in Office 2013

In April, we released 2 important new spreadsheet management server-based applications to complement the desktop spreadsheet management features we introduced with the release of Office 2013. Now available are Audit and Control Management Server (ACM), and Discovery and Risk Assessment, which are both designed to help you manage the use of spreadsheets and Access databases.  Read on to learn more.


Audio manufacturer boosts go-to-market speed with centralized web content management

New Jersey-based D&M Group is the parent company of several high-end audio brands such as Denon, Marantz, and Boston Acoustics. With offices in more than 70 countries, D&M Group struggled to manage a geographically dispersed IT environment. To centralize IT management and create a single enterprise platform for all of the D&M Group websites, the company implemented Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. By migrating and redesigning websites using SharePoint Server 2013,…