Upgrading to the new SharePoint Online

As we announced on February 27, The new Office 365 service is out of “Preview” and available to try and buy today. We received tons of actionable feedback resulting in new features customers want, improved performance, simple user experiences, more admin controls and the stability they expect. SharePoint Online (SPO) customers will soon be able to self-upgrade to the new SharePoint Online experience – a new user interface, global Office…


Garage Series: Going under the hood of Office software updates

In this episode, our adventurous hosts go deeper on how software updates really work for the new Office. Tune in as they demystify what’s different compared to the Office Professional Plus 2013 MSI install and explain the optimized update service for the Office 365 ProPlus Click-to-Run install. Learn how the service works optionally so that you can set up your environment to look at sanctioned updates on premises or in…

Office 365

Office Web Apps: More Office, more collaborative, more devices

When we launched the Office Web Apps in 2010, they were companions to the Office desktop experience that enabled lightweight, on-the-go content creation and review. Since then we’ve made a number of investments in Office Web Apps to make it easier for people to work together, author documents and access Office content from virtually any device. As we think about how people communicate and collaborate today and how their needs…


Software subscriptions: #progressive or #premature?

Last year, Adobe became a pioneer in offering software subscriptions by unveiling Creative Cloud, their subscription-only software service. Yesterday, they took the next step by announcing plans to discontinue development of their Creative Suite or other CS products. Industry reaction is mixed. Like Adobe, we think subscription software-as-a-service is the future. The benefits are huge. Subscribers get the latest and most complete applications, not to mention support across the multitude of devices people…


Tips and tricks for the OneNote Windows Store App

If you’re new to Windows 8, you probably noticed that the OneNote app looks and feels very different from other versions of OneNote. How do you search? What happened to the menus? The new Windows is designed to avoid distracting you with commands you don’t need, but all that change can be a little intimidating at first. Fear not! In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to use the…


Webinar: A beginner’s guide to SharePoint Online

 Office 365 for business allows small and large companies to use the power of SharePoint Online. In this week’s webinar, you’ll learn some of the basics and we’ll answer your questions. Watch the trailer here, or click “read more” below to view the full webinar. What you will learn at Tuesday’s webinar Logging on the first time What’s that there? A look around…


When it’s time to focus: Word 2013 Read Mode

Crafting the right content takes time and attention. To help you minimize the distractions, we created a Read Mode layout in Word. Read Mode is an option in the View menu that hides toolbars and menus to leave more room for the pages themselves.  There’s always a time for intensive formatting and editing when building great documents. But when it’s time for review and final changes, make sure to check…

Outlook 400 million active accounts, Hotmail upgrade complete and more features on the way

We’re excited to announce that we’ve completed upgrading all Hotmail customers to Coupled with the growing organic excitement for, this has pushed us to over 400 million active accounts, including 125 million that are accessing email, calendar and contacts on a mobile device using Exchange ActiveSync.  We’re also pleased to announce that we’re adding two new features to SMTP send, so it’s easier to send mail…


Winning with process control and knowledge management in Project Online

BB&K needed to quickly access information from many different aspects of its business, including a customer relationship management system, an enterprise resource planning system, accounting programs, and others. Managers especially wanted better insight into internal processes. Project Online was the right tool for the job.


Meet Melanie Hohertz, May Customer of the Month!

May’s Customer of the Month is Melanie Hohertz, Online Communications Lead, Cargill. I’ve been supporting Yammer as a work platform for Cargill for almost a year. We’re early in our adoption, but it’s been an amazing experience. I am learning, daily, how Yammer can change the way people and teams work and add value in…


Garage Series: Crossing the bridge to Click-to-Run integration

In the finale of our three part deep dive on customizing and deploying the new Office, our intrepid hosts demonstrate Office 365 ProPlus Click-to-Run integration with your existing management and deployment tools while exploring pre-installation via Windows image. Watch too as our fearless host Jeremy gets behind the wheel to test if Windows Intune can install Office as fast as a direct install from Office 365 from his car, in…


Summing data across multiple criteria on multiple worksheets

Ever had to sum data based on multiple criteria situated in different Microsoft Excel worksheets? In this tutorial, Excel MVP Liam Bastick provides a quick tour of INDIRECT references and Table functionality while combining qualities of the SUMPRODUCT function with the SUMIFS function, providing a solution to the mother-of-all Multiple Criteria problems.