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Serving Up Growth—Fast!—with Office 365

  When we started looking at moving to a new productivity and collaboration solution, the major factors influencing our decision were ease of use, anywhere access, simplified administration, and cost-effective scalability. As we took a closer look at Microsoft Office 365, it was the obvious choice. And, with help from our partner Cal Net Technology Group, we were able to make the switch to Office 365 quickly and easily.  With Office…

Outlook gets two-step verification, sign-in by alias and new international domains

As announced earlier today, over the next few days we are releasing an update to Microsoft account. For people who use, this includes a number of new features such as two-step verification, the ability to sign in with an alias and new international domains for your email address. Read on to learn about this new feature and how to set it up.


United Airlines reduces web content administration from months to hours with enterprise solution

Based in Chicago, Illinois, United is one of the largest airlines in the world. To improve enterprise content management (ECM), United wanted to build communities around the products and services it delivers to customers. The airline deployed SharePoint Server 2013 for a variety of projects-including a service catalog that 87,000 employees rely on to search for and order products from the IT department. By using SharePoint Server 2013, United has…

Office 365

Running a small business without an IT team

Small businesses have enough to focus on without having to spend time and energy worrying about email, data storage or backup servers. In fact, most small businesses don’t know or understand what a server is. The good news is that in today’s technology environment, they don’t need to. This is because more small businesses are rapidly moving from outdated technology solutions to Web-based solutions to power their company, also known…

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Maintain a professional image: 5 tips for a small business

  In order to be taken seriously, small businesses need to convince customers of their professional ability and their value. Small businesses can punch above their weight by taking the time to go to market with a professional set of business documents, templates and content to ensure customers aren’t dismissing them before they have a chance to pitch the value of their product or service.  But how can small businesses…

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5 tips for running a small business from anywhere

The concept of a ‘physical office’ as a small business hub of productivity is quickly being replaced by the connected ‘mobile office,’ which connects employees wherever they happen to be. Today’s business landscape favors those who are nimble and able to adapt rapidly by collaborating on the go, sharing ideas quickly and anticipating customer needs. Luckily, small businesses today can achieve this dynamic work environment through the use of Web-based…