Visualize your Access 2013 web app data in Excel

After you start organizing your data with Access 2013 web apps, you may find yourself wishing to visualize or summarize it. For example, imagine you are tracking your deal pipeline in Access, including when you expect to get paid and how much. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make a visual graph of these projections to help you make decisions? Read more to learn how you can do just…

Office 365

Office furniture supplier adopts cloud services, saves $26,000 in first year

Pear Workplace Solutions, a provider of office furniture, wanted to reduce its on-site IT infrastructure and implement a cost-effective productivity solution. Working with Solve IT, the company adopted Microsoft Office 365, a subscription-based cloud service that unites familiar Microsoft Office applications. The company uses Office 365 to help reduce IT costs, increase scalability, improve productivity, and enhance collaboration.  


Printing in Visio made easier

It’s easy to create beautiful, professional diagrams in Visio, but what if you need to print your drawings to review during a meeting or display as a poster? The new Visio provides a cleaner, quicker, and more streamlined printing experience. Along with the easy-to-use print tab in the backstage view, Visio now lets you print in the background so you can continue working while your diagram is printing. Read on…