Office 365

Resources for Office 365 partners (Video)

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity service that was built for companies of all sizes. While some companies choose to deploy the service on their own, others may need help from a third party. The Office 365 partner programs were created to support these customers with knowledgeable experts. Below, learn more about the partner programs and resources for current participants and those who are interested. And, finally, watch the video…


Big hits from the Office Webinars

Your questions and creativity are inspiring. Over the past year of Office 15-minute webinars, we’ve shown you quick ways to get the most out of Office (like Excel Pivot Tables and Slicers or What’s Office like on Surface RT devices?), and you always add your own fresh and interesting approaches. Thank you for a great year-your active participation has made the webinars a regular Tuesday destination. We’ve listed some of…


Really want to do some winter cleaning? Switch to for the best email experience across all your devices

With the launch of, we’re working to bring modern email to over a billion people.  As we do this, we wanted you to know that we strive to put people first and that means building a great mail experience for the devices you have chosen to use.  Learn how looks to be poised be the best email for mobile phones by supporting Exchange ActiveSync (EAS).


PowerPoint 2013: Shining a spotlight on video and audio

You want to say something, but your bullet points and graphics aren’t quite cutting it? Sometimes the best way to make your point is with video or audio clips. PowerPoint 2013 has a bunch of improvements that make video and audio easier to include in your presentation. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how we’ve brought multimedia to the PowerPoint Web App, as well as how we’ve made multimedia better…


Project helps take the stress out of holiday meal planning

We’re officially in the holiday season, and you’ve been nominated to cook the big dinner. Whether you’re a little nervous as a first-time host or you’re a veteran who wants to be more organized, Project can help you with event planning to make all of your holidays less stressful and a lot more fun. I recently used Project to successfully host Thanksgiving dinner, but you can apply the same techniques…