Kurt DelBene: The cloud and beyond

Read Microsoft Office Division President Kurt DelBene’s blog about the latest release of Microsoft Office 365 for businesses. “When we first set out to build this release of Office, we knew it would be the boldest yet. We wanted to create that ‘over-the-shoulder envy’ that makes your friend or the guy sitting next to you on the plane ask what you’re using. In a recent survey, 96 percent of people…

Office 365

What are reviewers calling feature-rich, stunning, and game-changing? Office 365!

It’s been said that “a dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” We’re honored to see all of our sweat, determination, and hard work pay off with the great reviews that the new Office has garnered since Microsoft released Office 365 Home Premium to customers last month.  Already, Office 365 is racking up the awards. PC Magazine gave Office 365 Home Premium its Editors’…


PASS Business Analytics Conference: Keeping up with the evolving world of data

The world of data continues to become bigger and more complex, with no plans to slow down. From April 10-12 in Chicago, data professionals and business analysts will gather at the PASS Business Analytics Conference to keep pace with the latest trends around big data, predictive analytics, data visualization, Hadoop, and even the new version of Excel. If you’re a fan of Excel and are curious about how it fits…


Making Your Customers Your Partners

When businesses connect their employees with customers, partners and other external stakeholders, they accelerate their business with many-to-many conversations. But what happens when we start doing work together, not just talking about it? We’d be leaving money on the table if we don’t; in fact, this collaborative opportunity was quantified by McKinsey as 1.3 Trillion dollars. What…


Webinar: What you need to know about PowerPoint Slide Masters

It’s true that you can create PowerPoint presentations without using Slide Masters or even knowing what they are, but they save so much time and effort that we think you’ll be glad to know about them. In this week’s webinar, we’ll show you how to master the Slide Master–a built-in tool that controls the look of your PowerPoint presentation and keeps it consistent throughout. See the trailer or click “read more”…


Create your online brand with a combination of SharePoint 2013 and the web technologies you already know

With SharePoint 2013, you can brand your SharePoint publishing site using the web technologies you know, the tools you like, and the devices you want, making it easier than ever before to get started as a SharePoint designer or developer. And, for current SharePoint pros, don’t worry. The work you’ve put in learning SharePoint thus far is still very applicable and your knowledge of the SharePoint Publishing Page model is…

Office 365

Office 365 blog welcomes the Why Microsoft blog community

When we started the Office 365 blog three years ago, we set out to be your one stop destination for all things related to our cloud productivity offering. Since then we’ve had the chance to celebrate milestones, our customers and partners, usage tips and features we’re excited about, and next week, the new version of Office 365 for business.To continue bringing you the most comprehensive view of Office 365, we’re…


Going “Kamping with a K”: How we quickly organized a 20-person trip in Web Excel on SkyDrive

With the announcement of easier collaboration on SkyDrive, sharing files with friends, family and colleagues just got a whole lot easier! Now you can share a link to your Excel files with anyone and they can edit the workbooks without needing to sign in with a Microsoft account, even at the same time! Read on to find out how to put this functionality to work for you.

Office 365

Building customer trust

Today’s post was written by Arpan Shah, senior director, Microsoft Office Division I’ve worked in the Office Division for more than 11 years and have had the opportunity to experience the transformation of our business into a services culture first hand.  We’ve gained a lot of valuable insights as part of that transformation which have in turn enabled us to deliver important capabilities to our customers more quickly.  We know…