Microsoft BI Solution Builder: Learn how familiar tools like Excel fit within your organization’s BI strategy

Better business intelligence and insight can make the difference between a business surviving and thriving. Microsoft aims to make business intelligence (BI) more accessible to everyone across an organization, in part by providing BI capabilities in familiar tools such as Excel to empower more users to build and consume rich BI solutions as part of their everyday work. If you’re interested in how Excel’s BI capabilities could fit within your…

Office for Mac

Office for Mac now available for Office 365 Subscribers

We’re excited to announce that with the release of SP3 (build 14.3) earlier this month, Office for Mac can participate in Office 365 subscription offerings. Office 365 Home Premium and Office 365 University offerings are available now, while Office 365 Small Business Premium releases soon. Subscription services are best suited for customers who use Office on multiple devices because it allows any combination of Mac/PC installs via 5 reusable licenses;…


Open Excel workbooks in separate windows and view them side by side

“How do I open my workbooks in separate windows?” This has been a common inquiry from many of our customers who want to look at their workbooks side by side, or spread them across more than one monitor. Good news: starting with Excel 2013, each of your workbooks opens in its own window, similar to Word and PowerPoint today. That means that each workbook has its own ribbon and top-level…

Office 365

Clinic chooses cloud-based email to avoid $14,000 in IT costs and improve efficiency

Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Specialists in Denver, Colorado, worked with Solve IT to replace its on-premises messaging solution with Microsoft Exchange Online. A cloud-based email service that is part of Microsoft Office 365, Exchange Online fulfils the clinic’s patient confidentiality requirements and saved US$14,000 in IT costs in the first year. Staffers access email on a variety of mobile devices, improving teamwork and patient care.