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Are you a developer or user of Microsoft Access or know someone who is? Interested in expanding your knowledge about the new web capabilities in Access 2013 or how to improve Access desktop applications? There are two upcoming events that you might consider attending to gain knowledge on Microsoft Access and Access Services from seasoned professionals.


Corporate Culture Reborn through Enterprise Social Network

Today’s post features Takuo Tada, Manager of the Strategic IT Planning Dept, Strategic IT Systems Planning Unit, Corporate Management Group, Yuta Kishio, Junior Manager of the Strategic IT Planning Department, Strategic IT Systems Planning Unit, Corporate Management Group, & Shogo Fukahori, Chief Officer of HR Development and In-House Communication, Corporate Management Group, Sharp Corporation A Culture Reborn Through Enterprise Social  Founded in 1912, Sharp Corporation has a long history of producing innovative electronic products, from…


Embracing Enterprise Social with Extend Solutions

Extend Solutions is an enterprise consulting organization offering innovative technology solutions to the Mexican market. This post was co-authored with Microsoft’s Sarah Forsterling. Para leer este artículo en Español, haz click aquí. At Extend Solutions, we have watched Enterprise Social and the idea of socializing existing intranets transform the way that companies operate. Facilitating a solid…


Adaptando Social Enterprise con Extend Solutions

Extend Solutions es una empresa de consultoría que ofrece soluciones tecnológicas innovadoras en el mercado Mexicano. To read this post in English, click here. Hemos sido testigos de cómo Social Enterprise y la idea de socializar a través de intranets han transformado la manera en que las empresas operan. Al facilitar una plataforma sólida -ya sea…


Are You Connected or Connecting?

This post was co-authored with Microsoft’s John Pan It’s becoming increasingly important to get connected and stay connected with colleagues, clients and partners. At New Signature, we use Office 365 to increase productivity, maintain culture and bridge geographical gaps in order to truly “work like a network”. The social tools that come with Office 365 are…


Join the Adoption Track on the Office 365 Summit World Tour

The Office 365 Summit World Tour is traveling around the world and delivering end-user training directly from the source with Microsoft presenters and experts. These two-day workshops provide deep technical and sales readiness on all productivity workloads across a range of different tracks to provide custom experiences for all attendees. In the new Adoption track,…


The Modern Workplace Series Debuts Live October 7th

Throw away the roadmaps. Inventors have a lot to teach us about perspective. Not confined to the “rules” of business, they are free to go back to basics and create new approaches to big problems. Today’s most successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders are taking the same approach. True innovators are willing to look at their…


Announcing the Enterprise Social Resource Center

It’s no secret that social networking has fundamentally changed the way we connect and communicate in our personal lives. Thanks to Yammer and Microsoft Office 365, social is now transforming the way we work by enabling businesses to tap into the power of human networks. Earlier this year, we shared our vision for the future…

Customer stories
Finnair logo

Finnair takes to the cloud with Office 365

The airline industry has seen its share of turbulence over the last decade, as mega-airlines merge and acquire smaller players, more regional airlines take to the air, and customers aggressively seek online bargains. Finnair, Finland’s largest airline and the fifth oldest airline in the world, has remained successful because it knows how to adapt and find smarter ways to operate. Find out why Finnair decided to unplug its expensive email…

Office 365
The New Office Homepage

Launch documents and get started right away with the new Office 365 home page

Starting something new. We’ve all been there. The first day of school, starting a new job, or even moving to a new town. As we become familiar with the new surroundings, buildings, new faces and personalities, schedules, and rhythms we start with a home base from which to explore. Using technology is no different. It’s important to have a home base where you can start, a place where you can…