Global Team Collaboration Better Connects Workforces

With 34.5 million workers employed worldwide by U.S. multinational companies, today’s workplace is truly borderless. Organizations are competing for top talent on a global scale and employees need to collaborate effectively across multiple cultures, languages and time zones. Modern Workplace webcast April 7th: Globalization of the Workforce — register today On the next episode of…

OneNote in Education FI

New OneNoteInEducation.com—designed for everyone in a school

We developed OneNoteforTeachers.com exclusively for educators. Now not only are teachers getting “Ninja” trained on OneNote, but principals and students are interested in OneNote. To meet the need, we redesigned the site to include guides and pages for both students and administrators and gave it a more fitting name of OneNoteInEducation.com.


Yammer in the Community: Touring the Tenderloin

Over the past year, Yammer has experienced many changes. Changes in leadership, changes in staff and changes in our Mid-Market Matters philanthropic program. Since Yammer is located in the Mid-Market/Tenderloin area of San Francisco, it is very important to us to concentrate our corporate citizenship in our neighborhood. Here, the tech divide is more evident…

Blizzard bag 1

OneNote Class Notebook for blizzard bag management

When adverse weather affects Ohio’s schools, often closing is the only option. Blizzard bags are online assignments delivered by individual schools that allow students to keep up with schoolwork while snowed in. Many teachers at the Washington County Career Center use the OneNote Class Notebook to manage their blizzard bag assignments, which must meet the same academic expectations and rigor as a normal school day.