Announcing Updated Resources for Admins

Since Yammer launched, the Yammer Customer Success Center has been an invaluable resource for all our customers. We are excited to announce some updates to the Success Center that will help you use Yammer more effectively in conjunction with Office 365.  We’ve reorganized our content to make it easier to find the resources you need,…


Understanding network connectivity to optimize your performance with Office 365

The move to the cloud often means a greater dependency on connectivity to the Internet. While Office 365 is architected to provide optimized experiences around the globe, there are tools IT administrators can use to help ensure the best performance. We demonstrate these tools and more on today’s show.


Is Your Business Safe from Cyberattacks?

The number of detected cyberattacks in 2014 almost doubled from the year before, leaving many organizations with significant financial losses and elevating cybersecurity from a server room issue to a boardroom issue. With ever-evolving cyber threats, businesses need to know how to develop strategies to address their vulnerabilities and keep their data accessible, yet safe,…

Extended email retention  FI

Extended email retention for deleted items in Office 365

We’ve all been there, you search for an email or calendar invite in Outlook only to find that it isn’t there anymore. Until now deleted items were moved into the Deleted Items folder, then they would disappear after being in that folder for 30 days. With this update, the length of time items remain in the Deleted Items folder is extended to indefinitely or according to the duration set by…

iOS passcode

PIN lock and other updates to Outlook for iOS and Android

Just over two weeks ago, we delivered the first version of Outlook for iOS and Android devices. We’ve heard from many of you that enjoy how Outlook brings together the core tools you need to get things done—your email, calendar, contacts and files—helping you get more done even on the smallest screen. We promised to deliver updates to Outlook every few weeks and we’ve been listening closely to your feedback.…


Red Light, Green Light and Engaging Employees in your Network

Remember the childhood game of Red Light, Green Light? You designated one person to be the “stop light” and the rest to try and touch or pass the “stop light.” This game can apply to Enterprise Social networks by replacing the stop-light with the network you’re using: Yammer. The players in this case are your…


Yammer and Featured Partner Mindflash Deliver the Best Online Training for Employees

With more mobile, globalized workforces, today’s companies have been using online technologies to onboard and train their employees. Mindflash is the leading online training platform for experts and trainers to easily share information and test knowledge and skills. Courses are created using the file types that businesses already use (PowerPoint, PDF, Word, video, audio). Trainers…


Realizing Measurable Value with Your Yammer Network

Joe Stumpf at Microsoft Office 365 Customer Success is the co-author. Realizing measurable business value from technology requires considerably more than simply deploying a piece of software, a system or even a platform: it requires a commitment to driving adoption of these capabilities throughout your organization. IT departments around the world have been dancing around…


The next chapter of Office on Windows

Two weeks ago we shared our plans to introduce new, Universal Office apps for Windows 10 including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote, that can be installed on PCs, tablets and phones. Today, we’re excited to announce that Word, Excel and PowerPoint are now available for technical preview on PCs, laptops and tablets running the Windows 10 Technical Preview! In the coming weeks, we’ll open up our preview for the…