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Introducing Word 2013

<p>Last Monday, we announced the Office Customer Preview - now that the Preview is publically available, Tristan Davis, Senior Lead Program Manager, kicks off a series of Word 2013-focused posts, giving you an introduction to the new release, as well as the underlying philosophy that drove the investments the team made.</p>

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Reading in the new Office

<p>Tristan Davis, Senior Program Manager Lead, Word Nearly two-thirds of user sessions in Word contain no editing at all – the only things that happen once the document is opened are scrolling and zooming changes as the user reads and processes the content. The Word engineering team wanted to focus on creating a refreshed, modern reading experience for the new Word; one that optimized for the times when the user is focused on consuming, not creating, content. The goal was to create a clean and distraction-free environment that went beyond presenting an electronic equivalent of paper to create an experience that felt at home on all types of devices – from tablets to laptops to smartphones.The result is a new reading experience in Word centered on a feature called Read Mode, which essentially turns your Word documents into an interactive digital magazine. You can try it out by participating in the Office Customer Preview, and in this post, I will provide a quick tour of the changes we’ve made.</p>

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