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A fresh start with templates

Looking for a faster way to create beautiful publications in the new Publisher?  Start with one of our wonderful new templates!

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Say goodbye to WordArt

Sometimes you need a little extra effort to make your message get across.  Learn how you can leave WordArt behind and make your words into something unique.

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Print Your Publications Professionally

The world of commercial printing changed a lot since Publisher first introduced our printing features. Read about what Publisher team learned and how we used that to improve your experience with printing large posters or dozens of brochures at your local print shop.

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Make Your Pictures Look Their Best

"Wow" your friends the next time you pull out your family album with the help of the new Publisher!  Find out how our photo editing options can help you create something memorable.

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Inserting and Swapping Pictures in the New Publisher

Creating and modifying pages with many rich graphical elements, such as photos, has always been something Publisher is great at. In the new Office, we did a lot of work to make working with pictures even easier, and help you keep all the photos you’re working with organized from start to finish, making it easier to get the exact page layout you want.

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Impress with Shape and Picture Effects

The addition of shape and picture effects was a big part in Publisher's goal to make it quicker and easier to create better looking publications. Amani Ahmed Dye is the program manager who worked on bringing in these effects. Today, she'll share the outcome of that work and how you can start taking advantage of these new features.

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Introducing the New Publisher

Scott Walker, Lead Program Manager, kicks off a series of posts focused on Publisher 2013, giving you an introduction to the new release, as well as the underlying thinking that drove the work done by the team.

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