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Timelines Everywhere: See and share your work with ease in SharePoint and PWA

<p>In the next version of SharePoint and Project Web App, we’ve brought Microsoft Project’s Timeline view to the web. Now, it’s easier than ever to communicate a high level view of your project to team members, stay focused on your upcoming personal tasks, and provide insight into all of your organizations work.</p>

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Get Started with Project Web App

<p>Project Web App (PWA) makes it easier than ever to start getting value quickly. Your Project Web App home page comes complete with a succinct, interactive, visual-based guide to help configurers and end-users hit the ground running. Those configuring can immediately learn how to get create or import projects, setup enterprise reports, share with colleagues, install apps, and more. End-users can easily access projects and reports while getting important notifications about task-related updates. The Project Web App home page can also be customized to meet your organization’s individual needs. Add or subtract some of the “Track your work” tiles. Provide welcome text and valuable links to resources. Create your own carousel (Promoted Links app) with content specific to your operation. Making the home page “yours” is easier than ever.</p>

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SharePoint Tasks List plus Project – Better Together

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Adding SharePoint task lists to PWA

<p>For smaller projects, we see a lot of users turning to SharePoint task lists. With the new SharePoint, we've made that experience even better to manage tasks as a team. But for most organizations, you'll want greater visibility into all your work. This is where Project Online and PWA (Project Web Access) really shines. Task lists can easily connect and sync with all the enterprise project data stored in PWA.</p>

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All my work in one place

<p>On average, people work on five to seven projects at a time.  For example, a wedding planner may have several clients that she is planning weddings for and she might have a task management site in SharePoint for each (see “Managing Tasks in SharePoint”). In this case, she’ll have tasks assigned to her from several different places, in addition to tracking personal tasks outside of those projects.  Rather than drilling into each site individually to see her assignments, she can now use a new feature called My Tasks, under the Newsfeed Hub, to see at a glance all the things she needs to do across projects together in one place.   My Tasks can aggregate all tasks assigned to you in SharePoint, Outlook, and Project into one experience and enables you to organize and manage both personal and assigned tasks alike. The goal is not just to show you tasks but to be a one stop shop to take action on them too.  Here are some things it can help you do. </p>

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Managing tasks in SharePoint

<p>Almost any project we work on is collaborative these days.  A restaurateur might be working with his staff and publicists to develop and advertise a new menu.  A wedding planner might be working with florists and venue coordinators to make someone’s dream wedding come true.  You need a way to coordinate to-dos, easily communicate status, and stay in sync with your team without leaving your favorite tools. In the next version of SharePoint, you can add task management capabilities to enhance any team site so you can get organized, plan and track tasks, and communicate deadlines, all in the same place you store documents and notes.</p>

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Introducing Project’s new reports

<p>Whenever we talk to project managers, we hear one word over and over – reports. How you’re always preparing reports for status presentation or mails to customers, management, team members, etc. How you have to make quick decisions and need reports to help you do this. All of that feedback inspired us to build a new reporting feature in the new version of Project. Building off of a familiar Office infrastructure, you can now create reports with charts and tables in Project off your project’s data to analyze your project and then share the results with others. The reports update automatically as you update your project. To help you get started, we’ve even included a bunch of reports out of box.</p>

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Getting started with Project

<p>We’ve re-imagined the Start experience in the new Project with our users as the focus. We want to welcome you to Project and make the experience of using the app intuitive and easy. The new Start experience is engaging and it helps you to quickly create and find your most recently used projects. You can also take a quick tour of the key features in the new Project and get started with planning your project in no time. In the rest of this post, we’ll take a look at the new Start experience, Getting Started, and Templates.</p>

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Recommended Reading

<p>We’re wrapping up another outstanding week of the Office Preview release. We are getting a lot of great feedback, and hope to get much more. Please continue to help us by sending us your smiles and frowns, and forums feedback on Microsoft Answers, TechNet and MSDN coming. This week many teams across the division have begun blogging about their specific investments. There is a ton of great information out there for you to read and share. I wanted to highlight some of those early posts here. </p>

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Project Online: In the cloud with Office 365!

<p>Is it challenging to get an up-to-date view of all the projects in your team? Do you want to make sure everyone is focused on the right priorities? Do you manage a large portfolio of projects and want to roll out a structured governance process? Are you a Project Manager who always wants to use the latest version of Project Professional? As announced on Monday (The New Microsoft Project), Project Online has been designed for you! The service provides the following key capabilities: · The New SharePoint – Project Online is fully integrated with the New SharePoint, and offers all its benefits, including a clean user experience, pervasive social networking, simple task management capabilities on any team site and a personal view of all your SharePoint and Outlook tasks in one place. · Project Web App (PWA) – Project Online includes PWA, a web-based Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution that helps you select the right projects that align to your business goals, manage your team’s workload, track time spent on projects and get insights through powerful business intelligence tools. · Project Pro for Office 365 – Project Online offers anytime, anywhere access to Project Professional via application streaming. </p>

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The new Microsoft Project

<p>Ludovic Hauduc, General Manager of Microsoft Project Last week Microsoft announced availability of the Office Customer Preview for public download. And right alongside it, we released a preview of the new Microsoft Project with two options to try out the latest release for yourself. I'm proud of the work the team has put into this release and today, I'm also excited to finally share the new Project with all of you.</p>

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Announcing the new Microsoft Project

<p>Welcome to the new home of the Project Blog! Here you can learn all about the latest release of Microsoft Project, which you can preview today! On this blog, you'll find answers to common questions, tips on getting the most out of Microsoft Project, and stories from our customers and MVP's. As we share the latest information on Project and what we're working on, we look forward to hearing from each of you.</p>

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