Extend your networking reach with social apps for Office

social apps for OfficeSocial apps can make working with Office 2013 more engaging, efficient, and fun. They combine the networking and outreach capabilities of social media sites with the mobile productivity power of Office. Together, Office and social apps give you more insight into your contacts, allow you to monitor your social channels without using a browser, and can spice up your SharePoint sites in ways that you’ll “like” (thumbs up).

The LinkedIn for Outlook app is one of the most popular of the social apps. It lets you see LinkedIn profile data for your contacts while you are using Outlook. Not only can this app give you greater insight into your email contacts, it can help you build your professional network quickly from one of your most valuable professional resources: your Outlook contact list. Likewise, if you’re an active Tweeter, you may want to add the ExTweet app to your library. It offers a way to display real-time Tweets that match the data in your Excel workbook.

From the most popular social media website comes the Facebook Integration App. Use it to add Facebook social plug-ins to your SharePoint site so people can interact with it as they would a Facebook page. It can make your site more social by encouraging increased user engagement and eliciting immediate feedback and comments.  Similarly, the ConnectWithUs app lets you connect your SharePoint site to your page on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or any other community.

These are just a few examples of apps that work with the Office applications you use every day to make them even more dynamic and useful. Explore the Office Apps Store to find more apps for Office 2013 that can make your work easier, increase your productivity, and help you have fun. 

And the winner is…you! Use the Oscars Ballot Predictor

Don’t have time to watch all the Oscar-nominated movies, but want the inside scoop on the likely winners? Try the new Oscars Ballot Predictor app, which brings a bit of Hollywood fun to Excel 2013 and gives you a competitive edge at your Oscars party.

The interactive app lets you see the Oscar nominees, vote for your picks, and check out the predicted winners in each of the 24 categories. Your selections are recorded on a printable ballot sheet that you can take to your Oscars party to compare with your friends’ choices and see how your odds stack up.

The Ballot Predictor is an Excel app that uses predictive modeling from PredictWise.com to estimate the nominees’ chances of winning. The Excel workbook features the following three worksheets:

  • The Oscars worksheet displays the categories with each nominee represented by a star. Select a category to see the nominees. The size of the star correlates to that nominee’s chances of winning: the larger the star, the greater likelihood of winning. To make your picks, click a star in each category. Your choices will be highlighted in red. Hover your cursor over a star to see the precise percentage chance of winning.

. Oscars worksheet

  • The second worksheet, labeled Ballot, is your printable ballot, displaying your picks in red and the likely winners in black.

Oscars ballot

  • Sure, you may like your picks best of all, but do they have a realistic chance of winning? Click the third worksheet, labeled Data, to see. Here you can see the percentage likelihood of winning for each nominee. Use the Excel data sorting and filtering features to display the data however you like.

Oscars data

The Oscars Ballot Predictor is one of several new apps available in the Office Apps Store that express Excel data in ways that are both entertaining and useful. Explore the Office Store to find more apps for Excel 2013 that can make your work easier, increase your productivity, and help you have fun.