Office 365 news roundup

American author and humorist Mark Twain, a keen observer of human nature, once said: “There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded.” If you belong in that first group, then Office 365 is for you. We provide the tools you need to get things done.

Earlier this week, we introduced Microsoft Planner, a new way for businesses, schools and other organizations to structure teamwork, facilitate collaboration and get more done while using visual dashboards and email notifications to keep everyone informed and up to speed. Previously available only to select business customers, Microsoft Planner is now available as a free app to all Office 365 users.

The very next day, we announced that GigJam is coming to Office 365. GigJam is a powerful co-working tool that makes collaboration fluid, intuitive and spontaneous. GigJam breaks down artificial barriers between devices, apps and people, making work communal, with each person free to share precisely what they want, for as much or as little time as they need, using any device. If that sounds intriguing, you don’t have to wait to check it out. The GigJam Preview is now available to everyone on Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad. No invitation needed.

We also announced the rollout of SharePoint modern document libraries to all Office 365 commercial customers worldwide, making SharePoint as easy to use as OneDrive.

While you are using Office 365 on all of your devices to accomplish great things—in the office, on the road and wherever you go—we’ve got your back. In addition to all of the other security features that Office 365 provides, we recently introduced Office 365 Advanced Security Management, a new set of capabilities powered by Microsoft Cloud App Security. Advanced Security Management gives enterprise organizations improved threat detection and greater visibility and control over their Office 365 environment.

If you’re not already using Office 365, why not let us help you be someone who accomplishes your goals every day? As Mark Twain also observed: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Below is a roundup of some key news items from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Microsoft arms Office 365 with advanced threat detection capabilities—Learn how Microsoft is improving Office 365 security for enterprise organizations.

Microsoft rolls out Planner project management app for Office 365 users—Find out how Microsoft Planner improves collaboration and project management.

Mindtree uses Office 365 to create digital experiences, deliver innovative solutions—Discover how Microsoft is using Office 365 to make digital real and deliver on its “welcome to possible” tagline for customers.

Câmara Municipal de Cascais embarks on digital culture change with Office 365—Learn how a historic coastal city in Portugal is becoming a “digital government” with Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

CSS Corp partners with Microsoft for Office 365—Find out how a leading tech services support company is using Office 365 to reduce IT costs and improve cloud-based communication and collaboration.