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Sometimes the most revolutionary innovation isn’t inventing a new product, it’s finding a new application or market for the product you already make. Many organizations are utilizing ordinary technology to do extraordinary things.

Register for Game Changers Making extraordinary happen on Modern Workplace FI

Join us June 14, 2016 at 8 a.m. PDT / 3 p.m. GMT for the next episode of Modern Workplace, “Game Changers: Making extraordinary happen,” and see how the nonprofit sector leverages existing technologies to innovate rapidly and save lives. Learn how you can identify ways to repurpose existing technologies to advance your business.

  • Co-founder of Humanitarian Toolbox, Tony Surma, will share insights from the field that require rapid-fire response times, along with highly secure data sharing, that you can apply to your own organization’s security, processes and technology applications.
  • Board members of the nonprofit NetHope, Vincent Richardson, Erik Arnold and Thomas Rubatscher, uncover how NetHope has united 45 of the largest nonprofit organizations with technology innovators worldwide who are reimagining how technology can drive change and empower formerly underserved populations.
  • Get a first look at the new security feature just released for Office 365—Advanced Security Management. See how you can better protect users and data with enhanced visibility and control, including alerts for suspicious and anomalous activities using behavioral analytics.

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