Indivior poised for growth with Office 365

Indivior pro pixThe pharmaceuticals industry is in a constant state of flux. To succeed in this dynamic atmosphere, companies like Indivior need to stay flexible so that they can fold in those new business units or quickly launch new ones, as the case may be. In December 2014, Indivior became an independent company through a demerger from its former parent company. As a result, we had to quickly stand up a brand new IT environment, separate from what we’d known, including everything from phone systems and desktop support to business applications and email.

It’s a common pitfall to worry so much about the short-term timeline that a company doesn’t plan for the future, but we didn’t make that mistake. We knew that we wanted to structure our environment to not just get us launched on time, but to put us in a position to grow quickly on a global scale.

That’s why we adopted Microsoft Office 365. After all, in the pharmaceuticals industry, document and file formats are critical because we have to be able to accurately reproduce documents and ensure that they stand up to scrutiny. We also need to keep our environment and data secure, so it’s helpful to be able to rely on Microsoft specialists whose business is to run cloud environments safely.

Plus, we were going through so much change that we wanted to give our employees technologies with which they were already comfortable and capable. At the same time, we wanted to be able to take advantage of new capabilities to further our business. To me, Microsoft has shown that it built innovation into the Office 365 environment and continues to roll out valuable new advancements. We’ve been so impressed that we’re now moving to the most comprehensive version of Office 365 available, the E5 suite. We’re replacing our traditional telephony systems with Skype for Business—including Cloud PBX, PSTN Calling, and PSTN Conferencing, not to mention some of the other advanced capabilities. That means that we won’t have to spend the time and money to develop and support our own worldwide telephony environment.

We were able to get everyone up and running with Office 365 well within our timeline, and now we’re in the process of installing some of the advanced functionality. It would have been challenging, if not impossible, to assemble the specialist teams, install the infrastructure, migrate all the data, and give our employees the capabilities they need if we hadn’t chosen Office 365. And moving to a cloud-based environment is a more cost-effective way to run an organization. We’ve seen a significant gain around cost avoidance and savings over our previous model, and the ongoing innovations from Microsoft mean that we get more value as we go along.

Even better, we’re able to work more closely with our manufacturing, R&D, and supply chain partners than ever before. We now collaborate with external partners in a streamlined, controllable way that doesn’t sacrifice data security. Virtual teams made up of Indivior employees and those from contract organizations share documents using Microsoft SharePoint Online and share screens during Skype meetings. We’re no longer clogging up our mailboxes with long email threads or waiting to schedule in-person meetings, so everyone’s able to be more productive, both within Indivior and at our partner organizations.

And Indivior employees have access to all the data, apps, and colleagues they need to work from anywhere, which is important as we expand our global footprint. As we grow, colleagues will be able to immediately reach across geographical boundaries to operate as a cohesive company.

The fact that we could deploy all aspects of this environment, upgrade all our accounts, and take our data with us in such a short time makes us confident that we can fully support the business and our expansion plans over the next three years. We quickly achieved our first step—independence—and we’re now poised for growth in a way that would have been impossible without support from Office 365.

—Ingo Elfering