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Machines are helping people learn faster, better and more efficiently. Join us as we explore cognitive technology and learn what advances in artificial intelligence will impact analytics and demand for human interaction on the next episode of Modern Workplace, “Machine Learning: How technology advances human intelligence,” airing April 12 at 8 a.m. PT / 3 p.m. GMT.

This month, two of the industry’s most forward thinkers share their predictions of where business is going with big data and how we can take advantage of the changes in technology to come.

Dr. Tom Davenport, president’s distinguished professor of IT & Management at Babson College, shares how analytics technology is being advanced by the progression of artificial intelligence and will discuss how to strike the right balance between man and machine.

Max Wessel, vice president at Sapphire Ventures, gives the inside scoop on what current trends in technology will succeed and fail this year. In addition, he will show how you can unearth value for your customers in the data you already have.

Gain an insider perspective as we dissect the world of cognitive technology, learn what technological capabilities will be available and what tasks will still require human input.

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