Fishs Eddy sets the table for faster growth and better communication with a move to the cloud

Based in New York City, Fishs Eddy found its niche selling classic, restaurant-quality tableware discovered in the cellars of old china factories, fading hotels and forgotten resorts all along the eastern seaboard. Working out of a tiny storefront on East 17th Street in Manhattan, founder Julie Gaines could originally run her business with nothing more than a cash box and a notepad. While this may have been sufficient for a tiny antiques store, it was hardly a solid enough platform to support a multi-generational family business.

“As our business continued to grow and evolve, it was absolutely critical that our software follow along with us,” says Noah Lenovitz, Fishs Eddy partner. With nearly 50 employees, a flagship store in New York and warehouses across the region, the company needed a reliable platform for sharing documents and communicating across locations.

Gaines and Lenovitz’s decision to upgrade their New York store came on the heels of a devastating natural disaster: Hurricane Sandy. “We noticed that our technology was all over the place. People had a lot of data on their local computers, some on our server. We didn’t have anything centralized,” says Lenovitz, who stayed on duty during the storm. “After Hurricane Sandy, with our power out and our server crashing, we really needed to move our data and our programs to the cloud—specifically our email program. So we moved our mail to Microsoft Exchange and adopted Office, which helped improve data security and enabled us to work remotely.”

After switching to the Microsoft Office platform, Fishs Eddy hasn’t looked back. “The great thing about Office products, whether it’s Word or Outlook or Excel, is their compatibility with all of our point-of-sale and accounting systems,” says Lenovitz. For a growing company, moving to the Microsoft platform made good business sense. It also meant that Fishs Eddy could add applications to its platform seamlessly.

Co-workers, vendors and artists who work with Gaines regularly were all glad to hear that she had begun using Outlook’s calendar to schedule her day more easily and avoid double-booking. “I find the Microsoft Office products very intuitive. I picked them up quickly, and everything makes sense,” Gaines says. “Before Outlook, my system was index cards!”

The Fishs Eddy team believes that going forward the Office platform will give them the flexibility and strength to keep growing as a New York and global staple.“ We need Office to go to the next level, because it’s really imperative that we’re all on the same page,” says Gaines. Lenovitz agrees, “Using Microsoft products helps us collaborate more effectively, which makes our business more successful.”

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