“From Inside the Cloud” goes outside the box on security

Todays’ post was written by Vijay Kumar, the senior product marketing manager for Office 365 Security.

If you’ve been following the From Inside the Cloud video series, you know we regularly bring you an insider’s view from the people who design, build and manage security, privacy and compliance in Office 365.

The recent RSA 2015 Conference in San Francisco prompted us to go outside the box to present over 20 sessions on the technologies and operational practices that Microsoft employs to protect your data in the cloud.

We recorded several sessions, which are now available for you to view on the Office 365 Trust Center:

Why trust Microsoft cloud services?—David Cross and Vijay Kumar
David and Vijay share an overview of the operating principles and no-standing-access approach to limit the ability to use customer data in the Microsoft cloud as well as additional measures and controls to protect data access from a security, privacy and compliance perspective.

Behind the announcements, Advancing Security and Trust in the world of SaaS—Vijay Kumar and Chang Kawaguchi
In this first show of the conference Vijay and Chang set context on the day’s announcements at RSA, including news about Office 365 Management Activity APIs, Customer Lockbox and Advanced Encryption.

How can you move forward with cloud innovation in highly regulated industries?Shawn Veney, Pete Satchwell and Cristin Goodwin
A moderated discussion on what it takes to make the shift to cloud technologies in the face of constantly evolving regulations and laws at a regional, national and international level. Your hosts explore the ways in which you should seek to partner with your service provider as well as the specific efforts by Microsoft, both operationally and within the service, to help you answer the needs of your regulators and auditors.

A first look at Advanced Threat Protection to stop unknown malware and phishing attacks in email Jeremy Chapman and Shobhit Sahay
For businesses looking to harden their email environment, Jeremy and Shobhit discuss what you can do with the latest in Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). They look at the new capabilities in Exchange Online that consistently protect against phishing attacks with new features such as Safe Attachments, Safe Link and more to safeguard against malware and bulk spamming.

Give us your feedback or ideas in the comment section below about future topics you would like to see—and of course you can access all the videos in the series and additional resources at the Office 365 Trust Center.