An inside look at Cloud service provider security with Mark Russinovich

On this week’s show, we catch up again with Mark Russinovich to explain the how security components in cloud services are managed. Mark discusses the shared responsibility from the IT and service provider perspectives. We cover real customer examples of Microsoft working with customers to detect tenant breach, correct issues and patch any security vulnerabilities. We also discuss the upcoming customer lockbox process and how machine learning and data analytics can be used to detect anomalous patterns.

We’ve invited Mark Russinovich in the past to discuss to assess the top security risks of moving to the cloud and had Matt Swann explain how COSMOS uses the power of the cloud to detect anomalies in the cloud. On this show we walk through some real examples and explain the shared responsibility of moving to the cloud. It spans everything from monitoring activity and restricting access with secure logons to ensuring the latest software updates are available and applied. If you are assessing cloud services for infrastructure as a service, looking to lock down your existing cloud services or simply wanting to learn from real cases, this week’s show provides an inside look.

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—Jeremy Chapman