Sharing your Mixes on social networks and embedding with and oEmbed

Office Mix is all about personal expression, so we’ve made it easier to share on major social networks and countless blogs, websites, and other digital media.  Choose your favorite—Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn,, or oEmbed—we now support them all.

Easy sharing to social networks

We’ve added a new feature to that makes sharing to social networks as easy as can be.  Now when you play a public mix with audio or video, you can pause the mix to see options to share to your favorite social network.  And if you get inspired to create your own, just click Create your own mix to download the newest version of the Office Mix add-in for PowerPoint.

Sharing gets even better when you share to Twitter. We now support Twitter’s card functionality, so your followers can enjoy inline playback in their twitter feed.  Below you’ll see an example. One of our followers created a Valentine’s Day wish to us, so we thanked her back over Twitter.

Office Mix sharing and embeding 1

Better embedding with and oEmbed

We’ve improved Office Mix with features to support and oEmbed, two of the most popular embed formats on the web. and oEmbed are supported by top web platforms, blog platforms, and even newspapers, so you can embed a mix in your blog or site. We even use Office Mix embedding here at Microsoft—in fact, the mix below is an embed, not a photo. Go ahead, play it!

It’s easy to embed your mix.  Just click the Share button below the name and author select the embed code and then copy and paste the code into your site—and you’re good to go.

Office Mix sharing and embeding 2

Thanks for reading!  We hope you enjoy these new features, and there are more to come.  Please stay in touch with @OfficeMixTeam on Twitter and until next time…

Happy mixing!