Project webcast November 18—Leveraging Scrum/Agile for Project and Project Online

Some people say that Microsoft Project cannot be used outside of a Waterfall schedule approach.  This is absolutely NOT true.  In fact, most of the best scheduling approaches leverage iterative activities, such as Scrum or Agile Planning incorporated into their project.

This seminar will address key steps, for building an Agile schedule, addressing pros and cons to Scrum features and approaches, while blending a schedule to address the tactical agile needs, while still providing rollup and time boxed reporting to stakeholders.

This lively and example-driven webinar should help all who attend understand how they too can build agile, iterative schedules and address the need for having a good schedule that also helps to map, track and report activities, features, story points, backlogs all within Project.

Presented by Tim Runcie of Advisicon.

Register now and attend for a chance to receive a fully functioning copy of Microsoft Project 2013!