Update on the Autohosted Apps Preview Program—part 2

On May 16, 2014 we notified you that the Office 365 Autohosted Apps Preview program—a program to determine how best to provide a friction-free deployment experience for creating apps for SharePoint—would end on June 16, 2014 and developers would not be able to create new autohosted apps in SharePoint. This decision was based on our commitment to working with the Azure and Visual Studio teams to incorporate developers’ feedback and evolve the hosting concept for apps, so that we could deliver a more seamless experience for developers. We want to update you on these changes and how they affect you.

Because you can no longer install autohosted apps in SharePoint Online, the capability to create autohosted apps and deploy them into your production SharePoint Online site has been removed from the Office Developer Tools in the Visual Studio 2013 update 3, released August 4,2014.

Existing apps are not being shut down or removed at this time, and they are still supported by Visual Studio. We will post an update notifying you when existing apps will be removed from the service, so you’ll have time to transition your autohosted apps to the new, provider-hosted model.

If you are currently using autohosted preview apps in a production environment, we recommend that you follow this step-by-step MSDN article on how to transition autohosted preview apps to provider-hosted apps, the new model we’re improving. If you want to just pull the data from your app, please contact the relevant Office support resource for assistance.

We’re excited about the possibilities for the provider-hosted app model, and are actively working on the various components necessary to deliver new capabilities that better address developers’ needs. This model will provide the features you requested, including: streamlined deployment and management, the ability to leverage the full power of Azure, and easy scaling for apps.

As always, we’re interested in your feedback and comments. Give us your suggestions on our UserVoice site.


Why are you ending the Autohosted Apps Preview program?

Autohosted Apps was a preview program to determine how best to provide a seamless deployment experience for creating apps for SharePoint. We have gathered the valuable feedback we needed to improve these capabilities and create a first-class experience for both developers and customers.

When will my Autohosted Apps Preview program be shut down in the service?

We will provide more details about a specific date at a later time, but we will not shut down any of the apps currently running in the service until the end of 2014.

When will you have an autohosted apps experience available in production?

We’re working diligently with the Azure and Visual Studio teams to have the next iteration of this type of friction-free hosting model ready to announce by the end of 2014. We will announce updates on  Office blogs.