Webinar: 10 copy-and-paste ninja moves in Office

There’s Ctrl+X and Ctrl+Y for cut-and-paste in Office. But how about a way to paste stuff from Wikipedia into Word? Or a fast way to paste data into Excel spreadsheets more easily? How about getting stuff in and out of Outlook or OneNote? Watch our webinar this Tuesday where we’ll show you how to copy and paste like a ninja.

Our top 10 copy-and-paste ninja moves for this webinar

10: The new Wikipedia Office app (Word 2013>Insert>Store)
9: Merge formatting in Word (CTRL V, CTRL, [pause] M)
8: CTR+ALT+V is Paste Special in Word
7: CTR+ALT+V for Paste formats and widths in Excel
6: CTR+ALT+V for transpose cells in Excel
5: ALT+; is Select Visible Cells Only
4: The Office Clipboard (Home>little arrow next to Clipboard)
3: Pasting attachments in Outlook (Right-click attachment>Copy>Click body of other message>Paste)
2: Shortcut for snipping into OneNote (Windows 8.1: WINDOWS+SHIFT+S, Windows 8 and earlier: WINDOWS+S)
1: Pasting animations in PowerPoint (ALT+SHIFT+C)

References for this webinar

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–Dave Ludwig