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Rafi Spero is founder and head of business development for Neat.

OneNote, meet NeatConnect

You already know OneNote as the one place for all your information, on all your devices. With today’s announcement, NeatConnect sends your physical information to the cloud and helps you get your paper where it belongs–the nearest recycling bin! Using a touchscreen display, NeatConnect lets you scan and organize without ever needing a computer. When all your information is where it belongs and digitalized you can spend more time being productive with OneNote and less time searching for what you need. Find information in any form (text, ink, audio) and share it quickly with anyone else who needs it, including those who want to sign an important document. See how it works in this video:

Hit the big orange button to start scanning to OneNote

The first time you power on NeatConnect, you’ll be launched into Neat’s cloud service, NeatCloud. From there, scanning to OneNote is as easy as adding it through the Settings menu, selecting it as your destination when you scan, and hitting the big orange Scan button! You can even have multiple accounts for the same service, so a husband and wife who each have their own OneNote account can each send in items from the same scanner. NeatConnect scanners can even handle differently sized items–like receipts, business cards, and documents–all at one time, making it great for cleaning out old piles of documents you’ve “been meaning to get to.” Once it’s scanned to OneNote, the organization is up to you as you can file your documents in notebooks and section tabs, sharing what you’d like with who you’d like.

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–Rafi Spero

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