Work Wonders: Making music dreams come true

The Microsoft Office team is celebrating accomplishments big and small with the Work Wonders Project. An example for how our customers #WorkWonders, we’d like to introduce you to Mike Kaminsky who proudly lives his dream job in the music industry. Watch the video below to see how Office 365 helps Mike #WorkWonders and celebrate others.

Every culture in the world celebrates and performs with music. It enhances our experiences, penetrates emotions and cements lasting memories. From the little moments that make us smile to the big events that change our lives, music creates a soundtrack to our lives, stringing together the most important occasions to shape who we are.

Mike Kaminsky quote

But for me, music doesn’t play such a subtle role. Music is more than the interconnected moments—it’s the centerpiece. It’s the essence of who I am, and it drives me to bring the creative forces together in ways that make magic happen.

I’m an artist manager focused on the music industry. I’ve purposefully positioned myself so that I’m on point around the clock to make sure the writers, composers, producers and musicians that I represent are nurtured and empowered so that they can focus on one thing: making music. I’m responsible for managing the details that can impede the creative process, clearing the space my artists need to create and share music with the world.

This is my contribution to the wonder of music. It’s what I do best. It’s what I love.

The music industry is dynamic and complex. On any given day, I may be in the studio meticulously supporting an artist through the lyrics of a song, on a photo shoot to ensure personalities are well represented, or in the office working with my staff to coordinate a tour so that my artist’s message is heard around the world. Regardless of where I am physically, access to my contacts, documents and media is critical to review contracts, approve licenses, sign-off on merchandise designs and adjust schedules. My office has to be with me wherever I need to be, accessible from any device.

For me, the office isn’t a physical location, it’s a source of inspiration.

This is where Office 365 comes in. Not only do I get the full versions of Office downloaded to all five of my devices, but everything I’m working on is automatically saved to OneDrive. So, I never worry about where my documents are or which device is storing the latest edits. Because everything I need is always with me, I happily follow my artists through Europe and Asia, supporting their performances, connecting with fans and local press, confidently knowing that the schedule is up to date on my phone, tablet and laptop.

With Office 365, I have the freedom to roam and still make things happen. From any place and from any device, Office 365 helps me “Work Wonders” while making music dreams come true.

–Mike Kaminsky

Mike Kaminsky author bioMike Kaminsky’s diehard passion for music led to his dream job in the business. A successful artist manager, he helps his clients define themselves both artistically and professionally. His business depends on collaboration with people on stage, backstage and across the country, so he relies on Office 365 to help him achieve things on the road that he couldn’t have accomplished if he were stuck behind a desk.