Webinar: Adding data to Visio diagrams

You may know Visio as a program to help you draw flowcharts, timelines and organization charts. Visio also can help you visualize data–a powerful way to model processes, not only for manufacturing systems or business workflows, but for individuals too. At Tuesday’s webinar, we will show you an example of data integrated into Visio, by using Excel data to turn an organization chart into a performance dashboard. We’ll use data graphics to show at a glance how our team measures up.

Need a sneak peek? View our 30-second trailer.

What you will learn

  • What does data look like in a Visio diagram? A few examples
  • How to link data to a Visio diagram
  • How to link that data then to the individual shapes
  • How to create data graphics to quickly visualize data types
  • Data can be dynamic: update the graphics

References for this webinar

–Steve Birge