Reflecting on yesterday’s Small Business Technology Roundtable

By Rosie Mastrandrea

Panel Pic

Yesterday I had the privilege of participating in and observing our Small Business Technology Roundtable, which brought together small business owners and industry experts for a discussion about how technology can accelerate their business. While each person brought unique stories to the discussion, I was struck by the similarity of the themes that surfaced, namely how much more effective their businesses were operating with Office 365 and how they wouldn’t have been able to scale and grow their businesses without the savings, real-time accessibility and collaboration capabilities of the cloud. Here are a few key sentiments from the roundtable discussion that really struck me. 

“My PA Kelsey just moved to South Africa and because of Office 365 & the cloud I’m still able to work with her like she was sitting right next to me – we just jump on a Lync call every morning and it’s great! I have an extra desk and I still get to work with Kelsey.”

– Chris Dunning, CEO TechQuarters

“For us it was all about simplicity, of Office 365 and having access to the cloud makes things so much easier for an organization of people who just don’t have the technical chops to do anything in house. The other major thing for us is the flexibility and the ability to access what you need from wherever, whenever you need it.”

– Patrick Petitti, Co-Founder HourlyNerd

(About Office 365) “It’s the best practice now. It’s the evolution…I’m actually a Google apps convert over to 365. I’ve been in the cloud since 2009, and I knew then that I was done…Literally my bill (per) month went from $1,500 to $9…that’s a soda or a drink. I don’t think anyone right now should be told to go to a server.”

– Marcus Johnson, Founder and Owner of FLO Brands

I would like to thank all of our roundtable participants for sharing their unique stories and experiences, and for providing other small businesses with their expert advice on how to leverage technology to be even more successful as they grow and operate day-to-day.

To learn more, you can watch the full roundtable discussion below.

– Rosie