Changes to default address lists in Exchange Online

Krish Gali is a senior program manager on the Exchange Online team.

We announced earlier this year that we’re introducing a new Groups experience that will unify people, conversations, and content across Exchange, SharePoint, and Yammer. You can read more about Groups in the Evolution of email blog post. To prepare for the introduction of Groups, we are changing how some of the address lists are organized in Exchange Online.

The current address list called “All Groups” will be renamed “All Distribution Lists,” and a new address list called “All Groups” will be added that shows the new Groups experience that we plan to ship in the future.

If the name of the default address list All Groups has already been customized In Exchange Online, the name of this address list will not be changed; the only change will be the addition of the new address list called “All Groups.” Users will not see the new All Groups address list in OWA and Outlook until the new Groups experience rolls out to the tenant. We plan to start rolling out this change of the address list name in Office 365 by the end of May 2014.

Please note that any scripts that are being run that use the display name field of the address list “All Groups” will be affected and might not work properly after the change. The best practice for identifying address lists is to identify by filter and not by display name. Any scripts that are using the display name should be changed to use the filter instead.

—Krish Gali