Quality at his fingertips: How Boxing Fish Sushi is using OneNote to reinvent the catering business

On location sushi catering, literally “boxing fish” on-site, is anything but a normal business in Washington State. In fact, Kevin Griffin, founder and chef at aptly named Boxing Fish Sushi, is the one and only sushi caterer approved by the state’s health department. Kevin had been a sushi chef in San Diego in the past but it took a move back to his hometown of “foody” Seattle and a personal pain point to go after this niche market full-heartedly.

Spending summers of his youth fishing in the San Juan Islands with his father provided the spark early on but was ignited further by a growing desire to do something different than traditional catering: In his words, “The same old, overdone, and not appetizing buffet”. Drawing on his sushi chef experience, Kevin set out to bring the high-end sushi experience to a person’s home or event (i.e. business luncheons, cocktail parties) with personal interaction and fresh, wild, sustainable sushi.

Maintaining this quality of sushi and experience requires meticulous documentation, so much so that the Seattle & King County public health department required Kevin provide a 36 page manual (plus more “working” manual) of all his processes! Kevin needs a log of where the product is and where it is going and its temperature every step of the way.

Kevin Sushi 2That’s where OneNote comes in with “always at your fingertips” information across his multiple devices and a way to “keep tabs on the times and when the product needs to go into each part of the process without pulling out a pad of paper”. Kevin has become organized with a “one stop spot” for all information necessary to his business, from using the OneNote Clipper to collect different recipes online to capturing text from a hard-copy menu with Office Lens and sharing them both to delegate responsibilities directly to his 3 other part-time chefs.

Kevin knows his business will grow over the next few years without any prior precedent or roadmap other than his trusty operation manual, now fully searchable and shareable in his digital notebook. He isn’t afraid of learning what he doesn’t know. In fact, he’s “totally stoked”! “OneNote is helping me break through to the next level and expanding the realm of where it could go,” he says. Kevin dreams of remaining focused on providing high-end sushi to business and households through multiple events and distribution mechanisms (i.e. a storefront) on any given day. Having all his stuff in one place with OneNote, when it used to be spread across different ones, helps him maintain this focus he needs to deliver on his dream.

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