OneNote Online: Print and navigation update

This week, we introduced the web-based Print feature to OneNote Online. About 10% of all feature requests are for printing from OneNote, so we understand it’s important for customers to access content online and on paper. Now you can do it using the PRINT tab on the Ribbon.

OneNote Online Print option on the Ribbon

We also improved the multi-column section/page navigation interface—it’s collapsible in middle/low resolution small-screen devices or on a small browser window. Now you can always get enough reading and editing space, regardless of what devices or browser mode you’re using.

OneNote Online navigation update

Want more? We’re continually adding new features to OneNote Online, and we’ve fixed some other issues to further improve your OneNote experience. Please continue to share your thoughts and ideas through the Give Feedback to Microsoft button at the top right of the application. We’re listening!

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