Yammer Now: Now With More Yammy


A few months ago we released Yammer Now, an iPhone app that allows you to instantly message your coworkers and have conversations in real-time, no matter where you are. At your desk, at home, on the move–Yammer Now means that you can always reach your team, even if you don’t have their phone numbers.

But we know that sometimes, the things you want to say can be difficult to get across with mere words. Sometimes you have a thought or a feeling that would be better expressed with a quick, easy-to-parse image (note the rise of the thumb in social messaging apps). And sometimes you need to convey meaning when the words alone could be ambiguous in sentiment.

Earlier this month I wrote a short history of communicating with images: emoticons, kaomoji, emoji… and stickers. And this week we’re proud to announce the addition of stickers to Yammer Now!

In researching how people use messaging apps, we’ve seen stickers entice people to use apps like Line and WeChat to communicate with their coworkers. But when using those apps, you still have to track your coworkers down. With Yammer Now, instead of having to add each coworker via their phone number you can simply open the app and start messaging away–now with a range of stickers to augment your conversations!


Stickers are available now in the latest version of Yammer Now for iPhone. So go express yourself through the medium of stickers, and let us know what you think!