Weave + OneNote: better together

Ever read a great article and wish you could save a copy for later? Weave is an exciting news app that lets you do just that.

Weave is a news aggregator – a fancy way of saying an app that pulls news from a variety of sources, websites, blogs, and anywhere else that exposes their news via a technology called RSS. The app has been lauded for quite a while on the Windows Phone platform, and recently became available for Windows 8 as well.

With Weave News Reader, you can view an article from any of your favorite websites, and at the touch of a button save a copy of that article to OneNote. Great for times when you are too busy to read an entire blog post or article right then and there, or the times when you read something so good you want to come back to it later.
For the first-time user, Weave is incredibly easy to setup and integrate with OneNote. The first time you launch the app, select a few of your favorite categories of interest. Once you have an article open, tap the OneNote button, login with your Microsoft Account, and you’ll have successfully saved your first article to OneNote!

Download Weave now:

Weave for Windows Phone

Weave for Windows 8