Working Social Tour Wrap Up: Getting Social in Amsterdam

WST_Amsterdam_HeaderFor the third year in a row, the Working Social Tour arrived in Amsterdam for one of the most anticipated Enterprise Social events in Europe. The Yammer team returned to the Westergasfabreik to welcome over 600 customers from more than 40 countries. Throughout the afternoon, attendees had the opportunity hear the latest thought leadership on the future of work and Enterprise Social. Our customer community also had the chance to share their experiences of working like a network.

Keynote: The Responsive Organization
Yammer Co-Founder and CTO, Adam Pisoni, delivered the opening keynote about the impact of disruptive technologies on business. For Adam, innovative technologies are becoming so ubiquitous that there’s no longer much of a competitive advantage to just having it. The new competitive differentiator is an organization’s ability to work differently in order to take advantage of the technology it already has. Companies that continue to work the way they always have, as Adam pointed out, are constantly being disrupted by those that can respond faster to customer needs.


So what can businesses do to get ahead of these recent trends? Simply put, organizations need to evolve. They need to work like a network to keep up with the pace of change and the increasing amount of information in the digital age. Companies like Qantas, Westfield, and Nationwide are able to move quicker through open communication, experimentation and working like a network. To those in attendance, Adam laid out three key calls to action for kickstarting this workplace transformation:

  • First of all, start small. What can you accomplish immediately?
  • Second, don’t feel like you have to convince people who disagree. Find people who are ready to embrace change, and work together with them. Focus on the green dots.
  • Lastly, focus on workplace initiatives people really care about. Engaged and passionate employees are those who feel like the work they’re doing matters.


Learning From Our Network of Customers
One of the best ways to learn how to work like a network is to hear from organizations who have successfully undergone that transformation. That’s why we partnered closely with some of our biggest customers to develop this year’s customer panel and breakout sessions.


From the customer panel in the main auditorium featuring Véronique Vallières from ABB, Julie Boddy from British Airways and Tim Difford from Steria to the workshop-style breakout sessions with speakers from Shell, DHL, British Gas, Telefonica, CRH, Grundfos, Sonepar and Steria, it was fantastic to see customers sharing insights and helping each other. (One of our customers, Grundfos, even shared their “social cookbook – for delivering business value through Enterprise Social.) Several key takeaways emerged from these engaging sessions:

  • Successful social initiatives start off with a clear vision and buy-in from leadership.
  • Make it as easy as possible for people to participate by embracing mobile workers, and making your intranet social by integrating with existing platforms.
  • Allow your staff to find value in themselves by supporting “bottom-up” adoption. Some of the most impactful ideas come from two people having a conversation.

We were excited to hear these customer stories and insights, and hope attendees came away inspired as well. To get a glimpse of attendee experiences in their own words and images, check out Storify and Buzztale.