Analyze this: Office 365 adds up to greater productivity for financial analysts

Financial analysts are the whiz kids of business. They take raw data, analyze it, and draw insights to show organizations where they have been, where they are today, and where they should go tomorrow. When financial analysts are assessing value or developing a forecast, they look at solid indicators such as return on investment, economic trends, and the bottom line. They want hard facts and performance, which is why financial analysts rely on Microsoft Office 365.

With Office 365, financial analysts can generate fast, accurate, interactive reports and create a full range of compelling charts and graphs to help users quickly grasp the implications of their analyses. They can easily co-author reports online or collaborate with colleagues in real time. They can lock cells to protect the integrity of their reports, and use the Information Rights Management in Office 365 to prevent unauthorized access, including the printing or forwarding of these reports. All the while they continue to save time and produce more dynamic reports with Office 365 by choosing from more than 50 built-in financial functions, showing trends with sparklines, and using Excel macros to accurately perform repeated tasks.

The infographic below shows how a financial analyst is more effective using Office 365 versus Google Apps. Check it out for yourself!

A Day in the Life: Financial Analyst

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