New resources for Office 365 and PowerShell

Greg Stemp is a writer on the Office 365 team.

Now Office 365 administrators have a new single source to learn about managing Office 365 with Windows PowerShell.  What kind of information can you find there?  Well, take the centerpiece article for example: Six Reasons Why You Might Want to Use Windows PowerShell to Manage Office 365.This article not only shows you easy it is to use Windows PowerShell, but it also shows you how you can use Windows PowerShell to complement tools such as the Admin center.

For example, suppose you misspelled Ken Myer’s first name as Kne. Do you have to write a Windows PowerShell command to make that simple little change? Of course not; go ahead make the change using the Admin center. But suppose you need to create 200 new SharePoint Online sites. How long will it take you to create all those sites using the Admin center? Well, as soon as you’ve collected all the required information like site name and site owner, it will take no more time than it takes to run this one little command:

Import-Csv C:\SharePoint\SiteCollections.csv | ForEach-Object {New-SPOSite -Owner $_.Owner -StorageQuota $_.StorageQuota -Url $_.Url -NoWait -ResourceQuota $_.ResourceQuota -Template $_.Template –TimeZoneID $_.TimeZoneID -Title $_.Name}

Take a peek at the article Creating sites and adding users by using Windows PowerShell in the SharePoint Online Management Shell and you’ll see what we mean.

And, of course, there’s much more to be found, including links to other Windows PowerShell and Office 365 resources (including a number of articles aimed at people new to Windows PowerShell).  We hope you’ll check out the new site and let us know what information or guidance you think is missing or needs to be included in the comments.

— Greg Stemp