Office 365 news round-up

When you’re looking for the tools that can help you build your business, you don’t want to experiment with something that “might” work. You want technology solutions that have a proven track record of helping other organizations and their employees succeed.

In honoring Office 365 with a 2014 Technology of the Year Award, InfoWorld said:  “Microsoft has a winner on its hands with Office 365. . . . For large enterprises with strict data controls and complex, diverse operations, Office 365 has no equal. For smaller organizations that rely on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook to get their work done, it is still both manageable and affordable.”

I am also proud of another product announcement we made last week. Now Office customers who are blind or with low vision can receive a free copy of the highly regarded screen reading software, Window-Eyes from GW Micro. The response from customers and industry partners has been amazing!

To help you stay on top of all the latest news about Office 365 and related products, we recently redesigned our Office Blogs. If you haven’t already, check out the new design, and set your preferences to make sure you receive the information you want.

Meanwhile, take a look at the following round-up of news items from the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Microsoft enables cloud-based collaboration for RCS MediaGroup. Italian multimedia publishing company RCS MediaGroup unifies its communications infrastructure and enables cloud-based collaboration with a comprehensive technology solution that includes Microsoft Office 365.

Esquel rolls-out Microsoft’s Office 365 and Yammer.  Textile manufacturer Esquel deploys Office 365 and Yammer in its Hong Kong operations to increase team collaboration and productivity, and to facilitate knowledge sharing and innovation.

Coles: Recognizing the value of the team to support business transformation. Coles, the Australian retailer with 100,000 employees and 2,300 stores, uses Microsoft Office 365 for effective internal communications.

Successful retailers go social at work. News from the National Retail Federation conference shows retailers worldwide using Microsoft Office 365 to increase employee engagement.

–Jake Zborowski