The Garage Series: Answers to frequently asked questions and advanced Ninja Tips for Office 365 users

In this weeks show, Jeremy Chapman is joined again by Office application guru, Tal Kryzpow, to answer frequently asked questions from Office users. If you are a power user yearn for a higher level of enlightenment, Tal also provides advanced Ninja Tips for more spirited Office use. This is part one of a two-part series, and if you have asked questions like “How do I make the Office interface less bright?” or “What do the options mean when I’m asked to sign in?” we’ll answer those questions and more.

In our last show, we took on the theme of using Office 365 in education and classroom settings. This week, we go back to our instructor roots and collect some of your most frequently-asked questions in the first of a two-part series of shows. We realize that many of you – especially if you’re reading the Office 365 technology blog – are advanced Office users, so we added content about lesser-known approaches and time savers we call Ninja Tips. Tal Kryzpow joins me on the show and he has presented Office Ninja Tips at IT pro events like TechEd North America and Europe, so if you like what you see there, you can find more on Channel9. In this show we gathered direct feedback from online forums, telemetry and other sources to surface up, prioritize and answer many of our common questions.

The questions and Ninja Tips we cover in this show are:

Question: How do I install more copies of Office after I have installed the first time?

Ninja Tip: Office on Demand and how that can deliver Office to almost any PC in seconds.

Question: How do I change the Office 2013 theme to be less bright?

Ninja Tip: What roaming settings are in Office, what follows the user and how they work.

Question:  What is the difference between a Microsoft Account and an Organizational ID?

Ninja Tip: Setting up multiple accounts in the Office backstage in order to avoid switching between accounts

Question: How do I set up additional email addresses in Outlook?

Ninja Tip: How to add and merge calendar views in Outlook.

Question: What is the most efficient way to search for content in OneNote?

Ninja Tip: How to search images and handwritten inking for text-based content in OneNote.

You’ll have to watch the show to get the answers to these questions and see everything in action. Next time, we’ll continue this theme and have an extended edition show with more of your most frequently-asked questions and more Ninja Tips.

Thanks for watching and see you next time!

–Jeremy Chapman

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About the Garage Series hosts

By day, Jeremy Chapman works at Microsoft, responsible for optimizing the future of Office client and service delivery as the senior deployment lead. Jeremy’s background in application compatibility, building deployment automation tools and infrastructure reference architectures has been fundamental to the prioritization of new Office enterprise features such as the latest Click-to-Run install. By night, he is a car modding fanatic and serial linguist. Tal started his way at Microsoft as the PowerPoint and Graphics product planner. Today he serves as the technical product marketing manager for Word and PowerPoint. Tal’s persistence with PowerPoint through various roles is by no mere chance. A design passionate, Tal enjoys designing messages, stories and visuals. Among his creations are a collection of over 200 icons in PowerPoint, and his very own hand-made PC messenger bag.