Your top 10 favorite Excel posts of 2013

Excel Best of 2013The most popular Excel blog posts of 2013 reflect your interest in the new capabilities we’ve added to Excel this year, including exciting updates to Web Excel and the release of Power Map for Excel. Other favorite posts offer valuable Excel tips and tricks for Excel beginners and experts alike.

The top 10 countdown

10. We’ve Updated Excel Web App–What’s New as of June 2013?
Over the past year, we brought many significant new features to the Excel Web App. As we’ve previously announced, our goal is to deliver Office Web Apps that people can rely on to create polished Office documents from start to finish, all from the web. From AutoComplete to real-time co-authoring, check out the latest updates to Web Excel.

9. Use Webservice functions to automatically update Excel 2013 spreadsheets with online data
Have you ever wanted to pull live data into your spreadsheet, such as stocks or weather? This post shows you how.

8. Power Map for Excel earns new name with significant updates to 3D visualizations and storytelling
One of the most exciting developments in Excel this past year was the release of Power Map (formerly codenamed “Geoflow”), which allows you to create beautiful, animated visualizations of your geospatial data. This post covers important updates and new capabilities of Power Map for Excel.

7. Dallas Utilities: Electricity seasonal use simulation using project codename “GeoFlow” Preview and Power View
We take an in-depth look at how we built a demo of the powerful capabilities of Power Map using real energy consumption data. After reading this post, you’ll have a good idea of the types of visualizations you can create using Power Map.

6. Need to combine two chart types? Create a combo chart and add a second axis
Learn how to create an elegant view of your data by combining two chart types into one.

5. Creative and unexpected uses of Excel
The versatility of Excel has inspired some people to use it in unconventional ways. Explore some fun alternate applications of Excel, from artwork to games inside of the workbook.

4. Summing data across multiple criteria on multiple worksheets
Excel MVP guest blogger Liam Bastick walks you through a powerful method to combine data from multiple worksheets into a single roll-up report.

3. Webinar: 5 things you need to know about Freezing Panes in Excel
Freeze Panes are one of the most useful features in Excel, because they allow you to keep headings of your data in view while you scroll around the workbook. In this 15-minute video tutorial, we cover tips to help you use Freeze Panes like a pro.

2. Public preview of project codename “GeoFlow” for Excel delivers 3D data visualization and storytelling
Our first post announcing Power Map (then codenamed “Geoflow”) covers its key capabilities for creating beautiful visualizations of geospatial data.

1. Using conditional formatting to highlight dates in Excel
Our most popular post of the year is a series of tips and tricks for automatically color coding dates in your data using conditional formatting. Excel MVP guest blogger Frédéric Le Guen covers how to highlight weekends, holidays, and more.

We hope you enjoyed these posts. Please let us know in the comments below some of your top experiences with Excel in 2013, as well as content you’d especially like to see on the blog in 2014.

–Daniel Stein, Excel Program Manager