Strategy and approach to the SharePoint trademark

Recently there have been concerns about the proper use, and associated use rights, of the ‘SharePoint’ name in websites, social media properties, blogs, etc – outside of how Microsoft and the SharePoint team use the brand name. Microsoft has established trademark guidelines and policies that refer to proper use of Microsoft trademarks in different scenarios. Though we want to be clear the SharePoint team is not actively taking special, targeted efforts to enforce them. From time to time, our Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) department makes routine sweeps to ensure compliance with our published trademark regulations. In situations where there are compliance concerns, both the SharePoint Team and LCA are eager to work with you and/or other asset owners to arrive at a positive resolution. We strive to support our communities and stakeholders, and firmly believe technology evangelists and community members contribute to the value of the SharePoint product, the SharePoint brand and the overall success of Microsoft.

We look forward to your input here in comments, and invite you to share your passion and insights with us in the community lounge at the SharePoint Conference 2014 (SPC14) in Las Vegas, NV – March 3-6.