Theme of 2013: Customers switch to Microsoft Office 365

As 2013 comes to a close, momentum for Microsoft Office 365 continues to grow. In fact, during the past year alone, many customers have switched from Google Apps to Office 365 including several large organizations. Customers’ reasons for choosing Microsoft Office 365 are simple.

Organizations that tried Google Apps say it doesn’t include the broad set of business productivity features they need to stay productive. They chose Google Apps because it appeared to be low-cost, but in the end, it wasn’t. Because Google Apps provided only limited functionality, they were forced to supplement Google Apps with additional services to fill the gaps. This meant stitching together multiple technologies that introduced both cost and complexity. Google Apps couldn’t keep pace with their business growth in terms of functionality, support, or a predictable roadmap.

Customers who choose Office 365 get a complete solution that keeps pace with the business no matter how fast it’s growing. The result is top value for their investment.

Outsourcing company HSS piloted Google Apps but eventually chose Office 365 after employees realized that Google Apps lacked important features such as the ability to sort email by subject or sender. “We expected the same level of functionality from Google, but features that we used every day were not available,” says Marina Johnson Chief Information Officer at HSS. “We didn’t realize how much we would miss Office features until we didn’t have them.”

Design studio Atominx switched from Google Apps after concluding that Google Apps couldn’t keep pace with its collaboration needs and business growth. “We had a lot of trust with Microsoft, and Office 365 offered all the features we needed,” says Myles Kaye, Director of Atominx. “As soon as I started to use Office 365, I could tell it was a solid, complete solution. Everything worked so easily together, on my PC and my mobile devices.”

Fashion designer BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP evaluated Google Apps, but in the end opted for Office 365. The reason? Office 365 offered the full range of familiar features staff members needed to be productive. “We found that the capabilities in Google were adequate for less than 25 percent of our employees,” says Kent Fuller, Director of IT Infrastructure Services for BCBG. “With Office 365, we had the flexibility to pay for minimal subscriptions for some employees and still provide the full power of Microsoft Office to people who need it.”

Watch the video to see why these businesses chose Office 365 after considering Google Apps: