Better together: OneNote+Bing = brand new sharing experience

Some things are just better together. Bing’s new Windows 8.1 Apps can help you research and learn about your interests, and OneNote is a great way to capture things from your life, organize your thoughts, and share them with others. Independently, both are incredibly useful, but when combined, you can really change the way you do things–from start to finish.

Recently, OneNote released the free and brand new OneNote for Windows Store app–re-designed to help you take faster and better notes in Windows 8.1 and to offer an amazing sharing experience. An example is the OneNote share contract, which allows other Windows 8.1 apps to share directly to OneNote. In parallel, Bing Food & Drink (as well as some other Bing apps) worked to build beautiful content that shares well with OneNote.

Check out the video to see how Bing and OneNote users Sean and Sarah put Bing Food & Drink and OneNote to work to surprise her parents from Chicago when they arrived in Seattle.

–The OneNote and Bing teams


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