OneNote going to the dogs

Bruce Cronquist is a guest author from the Office Fundamentals team.

My wife Valerie and I volunteer at the Seattle Humane Society, where we foster dogs.  Sometimes we host a dog in our house for a few days to give the pup a kennel break, or we might provide a home for a few months if they’re recovering from a medical condition.  We use OneNote to keep records about each dog and help provide status updates.

Every dog gets two pages–one for care notes, and one to describe their personality.  Notes could include unique traits, training progress and challenges, medical information, or just funny stories.  We send these records to the dog foster program coordinator, who tracks each animal’s care and shares information with potential adopters.  It’s easy to add new dog data because OneNote is always available on the desktop. But if something happens while we’re out and about on a canine adventure, it’s just as simple to stay current: Since OneNote syncs to our Windows phones, we just open our foster dog notebook and add a note.

Status updates

Duke was a puppy who joined us for a few weeks so our dog could teach him doggie manners. OneNote helped us track his training progress, start following his personality development, and send pictures and funny stories to the program coordinator.


When we hosted a mom, Raya, and her litter of puppies, we tag-teamed the care and feeding of the family–a lot of work, but well worth it. OneNote helped us to simplify tracking their weight and feeding habits, plus it was easy to leave reminder notes for each other.

Tables in OneNote make it easy to track information and see trends. In this case, we needed to make sure the puppies were all gaining weight proportionally:

OneNote makes everything convenient and easy to access, no matter where we are.  We can email our notes to the adoption staff, or they can just check out the file on SkyDrive.  We also use our notes and pictures to create a book at the end of the year chronicling the foster dogs for that year. Thanks OneNote!

–Bruce Cronquist


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