Office 365 news round-up

This week, we celebrate “Get It Done Day,” in the spirit of helping our customers get things done using Office 365–wherever they are, from nearly any device. More than half of office workers say they need to be able to get work done no matter where they are, and more than one-third, say they do their best thinking outside the office, according to a recent online survey conducted by Harris Interactive Inc. on behalf of Microsoft.

At Microsoft, we’re all about helping our customers do just that. By enabling our customers to be more productive, they can more easily juggle their busy personal and professional lives.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve made several announcements that reflect this spirit of progress:

We’re working hard to offer our customers innovative capabilities that move their organizations forward. By getting things done ourselves, our goal is to help our customers do the same–wherever they may be.  

Below is a round-up of these and other news items from the last couple weeks. Enjoy!

Microsoft Updates Office 365, Brings Real-Time Collaboration To Free Office Web Apps, Adds Yammer To All Enterprise Versions. Microsoft adds real-time co-authoring to Office Web Apps, as well as Yammer Enterprise to all enterprise versions of Office 365.

Office 365 Home Premium Updated with New Office Web Apps, Subscription Sharing. Microsoft “elevates Office 365 Home Premium even further into ‘no brainer’ territory with some useful changes that make this an even better value.”

Microsoft Upgrades Dynamics CRM, Adds it to Office 365 Bundle. Microsoft adds new templates to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and offers it together with Office 365, giving Dynamics CRM “an edge in a highly competitive CRM market.”

Microsoft Gives 4 million Brazilian Students a Free Copy of Office 365. In the largest educational offering it has ever made, Microsoft signs a deal with the Sao Paolo State Department of Education to give 4 million Brazilian students a free copy of Office 365.

Microsoft Upgrades Search for SharePoint Online. Microsoft rolls out two new search features for SharePoint Online.

Google Apps, Once a Leader, Faces Growing Cloud App Rivals. “Complacency has diluted that innovative spirit,” and Google Apps now trails competing suites such as Office 365 in areas like enterprise social networking and unified communications.

The Case Against Gmail. Gmail “is showing signs that it’s past its prime, especially if you want to use the service with a third-party client.”

Five Microsoft Services to Make any Business Smarter (Including Yours). Five Microsoft “gems” that address some of the most common headaches small businesses face and enable them to operate like much bigger organizations.